BookCrossing Project (School of Business, Minsk)

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Information about BookCrossing Project (School of Business, Minsk)

Published on December 6, 2016

Author: AnnKr


1. BookCrossing Project By Anna Krivko, Anastasia Razumova, Viktoria Lozovik, Maria Korozhan

2. Content • Existing problem • Solution (project description) • Examples of other universities • Advantages of the project • Needed resources • Possible modification of the project

3. Existing problem • Everyone wants to read • It’s expensive to buy books very often • Not every book is available freely online • Not every book is present online/in the shop • Most books are used only once • Books can be thrown away if they are not needed anymore

4. Our solution Bookcrossing Project at SBMT • Bring a book that you have already read/will never read/don’t need anymore/haven’t used (textbooks) • Leave the book on the shelve for another person • Choose an interesting/useful book for yourself

5. BookCrossing in other universities: • Moscow State University • University of Málaga • University of Birmingham • University of Freiburg • Università di Bologna

6. What resources are required? Just several shelves (simple variant) o Near the main entrance, Moskovskaya 5 o At least two shelves placed through one floor Some creative solutions

7. Book crossing modification Internet page (the group in VK or Facebook) - Easy exchange of books - The possibility to find a person with a desired book - Exchange of the study materials - Landing of books with returning back

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