Book Reviews: The Cornerstone of Marketing Your Self-Published Book

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Information about Book Reviews: The Cornerstone of Marketing Your Self-Published Book

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: WaveCloud



WaveCloud's Wednesday Webinar Series. This webinar is for authors seeking answers to questions they might have about how to get book reviews, and how to use them once they have them.

Self-Publishing Wednesday Webinar: Book Reviews: The Cornerstone of Marketing Your Self-Published Book Bill Van Orsdel (303) 974-7845

Before we get started… Checklist: ü  You are planning to or have already self-published your book ü  Your ebook and print formats are on the “same” Amazon™ sales page   Disclaimer:  this  site  is  not  affiliated  with  or  funded  by  Amazon  is  a  trademark  of  Inc.  or  its  affiliates.  

A word from our sponsor   •  WaveCloud is an Author Services platform and an ebookstore •  Helping writers become successful authors is our #1 priority •  Not a “How To Do” but a “What To Do” •  Watch this webinar: Book Reviews – The Cornerstone of Marketing Your Self-Published Book Bill Van Orsdel WaveCloud  CMO    

Key Points   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Reviews  are  a  subs6tute  for  “Trial”   Reviews  come  before  marke6ng  (un6l  12  –  24+)   Reviews  can  drive  discoverability  (@  100+,  “Also  Bought”?)   Review  sourcing  requires  strategy  &  6ming   Many  sources:  Amazon™,  Goodreads,  Blog  Tours,  F  &  F  …   Review  the  reviewer  BEFORE  asking  for  reviews   Follow  basic  e6queWe  when  reques6ng  reviews  

Why does this matter?   Awareness   Interest   Trial   (Considera6on)   Purchase   Support   (Catalog   Purchases)   Referral   (Word  of   Mouth)   Reviews!  

Why does this matter?   •  Book reviews can be a substitute for “Trial” •  Awareness à Interest à Trial à Purchase •  Build Social Proof •  “Someone else liked this, I’ll probably like it too” •  Convert visits to your™ sales page to book purchases •  Every bounce “costs” you money, directly or indirectly •  Amazon™ promotes books that convert, not bounce •  Factors into your sales ranking. (- Jon Fine, Amazon™)

Ready to blow your first $1K? We hope you’re not….   •  Do not start driving traffic to your Amazon™ book page until your reviews are in place •  Minimum of 12, stop trying after 24 •  After 100, you may experience an Amazon™ “Also Bought” boost, aka “Discoverability” •  Other marketing is okay, just don’t drive traffic to conversion until your page is “complete”

Strategy & Timing   •  Make book available for sale on Amazon™ •  (and make sure book sales page is “finished”) •  Strategy: •  Most valuable, finicky, attitude-filled reviewers FIRST. Friends and family LAST. •  Ask for the review to be posted on Amazon™, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble •  Timing: •  Longest runway reviewers asked first à typically your Amazon™ reviewers •  Place friends and family at the end of the queue

Sources for Reviews   •  Amazon™ reviewers (you have to dig for these!) •  Book bloggers, (Google “Author Title Review”) •  Paid blog tours, (Google “Romance Book Blog Tour”) •  i.e. • • • •  Goodreads reviewers (Review Group) • • (330+ Reviews listed) •  Readers (you are using back of the book links, right?) •  Social media platform(s) •  Friends & Family •  Professional connections (Nonfiction books!)

Sources: AMC Tool   Expect  to   spend  a   lot  of   4me  

Review the Reviewers   •  They reviewed other books specifically like yours •  And gave them good ratings! •  They are accepting books for review •  They are accepting self-published books •  They are highly rated reviewers (Top 10,000) Find them at: • $$, OR • review grabber •  (Better, but much more work involved and $105)

Review Request Etiquette   •  Offer your book in their preferred format •  Consider a couponing strategy (Smashwords) •  Your book is free to them (including shipping) •  Don’t give your book (doesn’t show up as purchase) •  Ask for an honest review (templates abound) •  Ask for posting on Amazon™, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble •  Decline requests for payment (run away politely) •  Expect your paperback to be a “used” book

Final Recommendations   A.  Reviews are a substitute for “Trial” B.  Reviewers come before marketing (until 12 – 24+) C.  Reviewers can drive discoverability (@ 100+, “Also Bought”) D.  Review sourcing requires strategy & timing E.  Many sources: Amazon™, Goodreads, Blog Tours, F & F … F.  Review the reviewer BEFORE asking for reviews G.  Follow basic etiquette when requesting reviews

WaveCloud Self-Publishing Wednesday Webinar Series:   •  Enjoyed this webinar? WaveCloud has more online! Additional webinars can be viewed here: WaveCloud Webinars •  Ask questions regarding self-publishing, request a topic you would like to learn more about, or tell us what you think at   Questions? Bill Van Orsdel (303) 974-7845

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