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Published on January 4, 2017

Author: ElaineCalloway


1. Become a Bestselling Author in 2017! Raise Your Glass!

2. Overwhelmed? Unsure How to Promote Your Book?

3. No Worries! I've Got Your Back When I took the plunge into self-publishing, I had ZERO readers.

4. First thing's first: Coffee Breathe. Get some coffee or tea. Now let's dive into the murky book promotion waters. You can do this. There's no better time to be a writer.

5. Prerequisites for Becoming a Bestselling Author

6. Step #1: Write a GREAT book. Yes, this one is obvious, but make sure you have written the best book you possibly can. Read books on the craft, know your grammar, and rewrite your first drafts.

7. Step #2: Hire an Editor Ask for recommendations or search on popular writing sites like Writer's Digest and other forums. Don't skip this step. Even if you have friends/family who have reviewed your book, an editor can take your story to the bestseller level it needs to become.

8. Step #3: Hire a Graphic Designer Who Knows Colors

9. Where to Find a Graphic Designer? Try Deviant Art, Upwork, and Fiverr You don't have to spend a fortune on a book cover, but you should invest in a graphic designer who knows how to make a book cover catch someone's attention.

10. Step #4: Utilize Your Resources Remember You're Not Alone Check out local writing groups, Sisters in Crime, Romance Writers of America (RWA) and other professional writing organizations that can help..

11. Step #5: Prepare for Success Think Outside the Box Dare to Dream

12. Marketing Strategies The Best Strategies are Spherical. Use Facebook Groups, Social Media, Book Promo Sites, Guest Blogging, and More.

13. Get From Point A to Point B Faster By Using a System That Works

14. So Raise Your Glass! Get My FREE Email Course on Book Promotion. Course includes 7 Lessons and 2 bonus comprehensive listings of social media and promotion websites. Click the Button Above or Copy this URL to Enroll Now: Yes, I Want the Free Email Course

15. Share This FREE Email Course!

16. About the Author Elaine Calloway is an Amazon Bestselling Author of the Southern Ghosts Series & Elemental Clan Series. She took the plunge into self-publishing in 2013 and went from 0 readers to bestseller in less than a year. Learn more at

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