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Published on October 13, 2014

Author: HarrisonWithers



Business can be abstract and detached. By comparison, motorcycle racing is primal and visceral, and has an unmistakable goal.

Harrison Withers, expert talent development consultant and amateur motorcycle racer, has cleverly brought those two worlds together, finding unique parallels between concepts of business and those of motorcycle racing. He views the relationship between the two through the lens of technology, people, and performance. It all starts with the motivation to engage why business practitioners and racers alike not only accept the risk, but embrace and ultimately love it.

Analogies abound between business and racing: Where people fit on the team, how performance is measured, how it is improved, and how to put predictive models into practice; competitive class structures, organizational design, the role of simulation in testing and practice, and race-day execution.

Harrison's thoughts bring to light some connections we've never thought of before and in so doing given us a fresh perspective on business. Book foreword by Erik Buell, motorcycling legend and managing member of Erik Buell Racing.

1. Organization Horsepower Thinking Like a Motorcycle Racing Team Harrison Withers

2. Introduction This book isn’t about any new business concepts: •Everything that appears has appeared thousands of times before •Connecting those concepts in more intuitively human ways by changing the context •Business can be abstract. Racing is primal, visceral, and at the end of the day, a very simple concept •See truth and light in the connectedness of business

3. The Machine Chapter 5

4. For most casual observers, racing is about the machine—the loud, greasy, smelly, visceral mass of metal and rubber that propels a human being at unimaginable speeds.

5. •Racing machines are tools •You can love the machine, but don’t be in love with the machine •The business equivelent of the racing machine is systems, tools, and process

6. The Engine The engine generates the power needed to propel the machine down the track. •Equivelent to the hardware and software business use •Organizations are fairly good at measuring the horsepower and torque of hardware and software.

7. The Chassis The chassis is the container for the engine and allow the engine to transmit power (hp) and force (torque) to the racing surface. •The business equivalent to the racing chassis is business process. •Process is the mechanism by which leadership steers the engine or capacity of the organization and directs its application to the marketplace.

8. Suspension The suspension’s job is to keep the wheels on the ground and to translate power and force into maximized traction. •Analogous to the degree to which business processes can flex to the demands of the marketplace. •Agility

9. Brakes The goal is to brake just long enough to reduce speed to just slow enough. •It’s another aspect of agility •“winning on the brakes”

10. Aerodynamics Aerodynamics is the practice of minimizing the effects of air on the machine. •Business process doesn’t exist in a vacuum. •What environmental factors affect business process, and how we can minimize the effects? •The first thing that comes to mind is wasted effort, which is the basis of practicing Lean process improvement.

11. Summary Businesses are really good at making process, systems, and tools. They just aren’t always adept at making those things any good. But don’t confuse making the stuff better with being better. Appreciate the machine. Improve the machine. Don’t fall in love with the machine. There are human beings who would benefit from that love more than the mechanism of your business ever will.

12. Want More? Buy the Book AMAZON

13. About the Author Harrison Withers has been searching for ways to help people perform better since 1993. He has a talent for figuring out what the true cause of a problem is and what barriers need to be overcome to get a person where they want to go. He’s passionate about helping people make a measurable difference in their businesses. A graduate of Michigan Technological University, Harrison has almost 2 decades of experience in the learning, performance improvement, and human resources fields and is expert at technology implementations linked to performance improvement including social, collaborative, and mobile technologies. His writing and thought leadership extends through regular blogs on both business and guitar building. He has been a featured contributor for the Management Innovation eXchange with “Adapting Business Metrics to Build Credibility and Trust”. He was also the editor and curator for the self- published eBook “58 Quotes, Facts, Benchmarks, and Best Practices on People and Analytics.” Harrison is a regular consultant to businesses that seek to significantly improve or transform their approach to talent development in the areas of onboarding, sales and leadership development. He is also a frequent speaker on talent development and the role of technology as part of a talent development strategy.

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