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Published on March 6, 2009

Author: OthonielOmnza


Objectives of A New English Course Book 3: : Objectives of A New English Course Book 3: The aim of this integrated English course is an all-round development of the four language skills. But reading and writing are given more attention in Level 3. It is text-based, and speaking and listening are still given adequate attention. Plan of this course: : Plan of this course: Total hours: 96 Contents: 15 units We will spend 6 hours (one week) on each unit, and 6 hours to review. The first two hours: explain Text I The second two hours: review Text I and explain text II The third two hours: deal with the exercise on Workbook Unit 1 : Unit 1 Text I My First Job Pre-reading Questions : Pre-reading Questions Aim— to help students to read actively and with motivation to practice students’ ability to predict or anticipate It does not matter if the students tick any statements which are irrelevant to the text. Questions: see page 1 The Main Idea : The Main Idea Aim: trains the students to skim through the text for the main ideas at the first reading How to skim? 1). Run the eyes over the text rapidly, read only the familiar words and phrases and ignore the unfamiliar ones. 2). Try to recognize the key words and phrases, and ignore the supporting details. 3). Read only the first and the last sentence of each paragraph, for, as a rule, the gist of a paragraph is found there. But, there are exceptions. 4). Read the first paragraph and the lat paragraph of a text for the same reason as step 3 Steps: : Steps: 1). Three minutes for the first reading should be enough. If it is difficult, one or two minutes more is given. 2). Decide which statement best sums up the content.(see page 2) Vocabulary : Vocabulary A. Guessing the meanings of words and phrases(see page 2) 1. f 2. h 3. c 4. b 5. g 6. e 7. d 8. a B. Looking up words in a dictionary (homework) Teaching Points : Teaching Points 1. Being short of money and wanting to do something useful,… The –ing participle phrase is used as an adverbial to denote cause or reason. Being short of money and wanting to do something useful can be changed into an adverbial clause of cause or reason: As I was short of money and wanted to do something useful,… More examples: 1) Being in poor health and lacking in teaching experience, he was dismissed. 2) Not having his telephone number, I couldn’t ring him back. Slide 9: 2. Asking about a person’s appearance or / and character: 1). “How does he look now?” This question is asked about a person whom the inquirer knows but has not seen for some time. 2). “What does he look like?” This question is asked about a person whom the inquirer probably does not know, so the inquirer will expect a description of the person’s appearance in the answer. 3). “What is he like?” This question is asked when the inquirer wants information either about the person’s appearance, or about his character or qualities, or about both. Slide 10: 3. Description of a person 1). Forehead: A person’s forehead can be large, high, low, broad, narrow, domed or retreating. 2). Moustache: A person may grow a moustache, which can be close-cropped, drooping or pointed. 3). Eyes: A person may have bloodshot eyes, bulging eyes, prominent eyes, close-set eyes, dark eyes, deep-set eyes or sunken eyes. 3. Description of a person : 3. Description of a person 4).Hair: hair may be short, long, thin, thick, straight, curled, curly, wavy, sparse, unkempt, disheveled, luxuriant, permed. The color of hair can be: black, dark, red, grey, silver, chestnut, white, brown, fair, blond, golden, jet-black, dyed. 5). Figure: slender, stout (fat, plump), stooping, thin (lean), slim 6). Height: tall, short, of medium (average) height. Comments on the Text : Comments on the Text Text II : Text II The Interview Questions : Questions 1. For what purpose do you think Blakey want to the interview? 2. Why did Blakely feel uneasy when he was asked what had prompted him to want to change to medicine? 3. Why did one of the interviewers say that Blakey was capable of a change of heart? 4. What was the reason that Blakey gave for leaving University without taking a degree? 5. Do you think Blakey was well-prepared to answer the question about his financial status? Give your reasons. 6. Why did Blakey at first have a sense of guilt, and why was he then stung by a sense of inadequacy? 7. What do you think was the outcome of the interview? Why do you think so? Oral Work : Oral Work Role-play An Interview Interaction Activities : Interaction Activities Making Preparations for an Interview Guided Writing : Guided Writing Précis writing Paragraph writing—Narration and Description Letter writing—Heading and Salutation Exercises on Work Book : Exercises on Work Book

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