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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: Chittimysweetheart


PowerPoint Presentation: BON –SAI AN ART of MINIATURE By P.SUJANA Assistant Professor of BOTANY P.V.K.N GOVT DEGREE COLEEGE FOR MEN, CHITTOOR,A.P PowerPoint Presentation:  Bon – sai ( Bonzai or Banzai) means Planted in a container This art of horticultere rooted in CHINA redeveloped by Japaneese Zen Buddism . Kamakura period To appriciate and find pleasure in curiously curved potted trees is to love Deformity HISTORY - Dates Back PowerPoint Presentation:  BONSAI is an art OF science PowerPoint Presentation: My All time favorite Bring Nature to your home, This adds tranquility to your living world BON - SAI What is a Bonsai?: What is a Bonsai? Bonsai (Bone Si ) Bon – Tree Sai – Pot What do most people think of when they hear the word bonsai? PowerPoint Presentation:  Bonsai is the reproduction of natural tree forms in miniature which increase in beauty and value as they mature over the years Not genetically Dwarf An out door activity not indoor plants FACTS OF BONSAI Topics: Topics Styles Types Tropical Evergreen Deciduous Choosing a pot Potting Soil Wiring Watering Fertilizer PowerPoint Presentation: STYLES OF BONSAI Formal Upright: Formal Upright The trunk is ramrod straight and evenly tapered. Informal Upright: Informal Upright Gently curving trunk. Broom: Broom The most tree like style. Branches fanning out from the top of a straight trunk. Slanting: Slanting The whole trunk leans at a definite angle. Semi Cascade: Semi Cascade The lowest branch dips below the top rim of the pot. Cascade: Cascade Tree foliage must fall below the base of the pot. Clump: Clump All the trunks are connected at the soil level Forest: Forest Should be in odd numbers 3,5,7,9, After that it’s not as important. Literati / Bunjin: Literati / Bunjin There are really no set rules. Root over rock: Root over rock A style of river bank or rocky slope origin. Some different options for rocks. Windswept: Windswept One of the hardest styles to create successfully. Root on rock: Root on rock The rock becomes the pot. PowerPoint Presentation: Types of Bonsai Tropical Ever green Decedious Tropical: Tropical Should be brought indoors when nighttime temperatures fall below 50 degrees F. Place under good lighting. Evergreen: Evergreen Need to be protected in the winter from wind and heavy snow. Keep in an unheated greenhouse or garage. Never bring them indoors for the winter. That includes JUNIPERS. Notice how the rounded top displays a look of age. Deciduous: Deciduous Leaves will change colors and drop in the fall. Need to be protected in the winter from wind and heavy snow. Keep in an unheated greenhouse or garage. Never bring them indoors for the winter . PowerPoint Presentation: How to make Bonsai plant Selection of suitable soil preparing plant for plantation Preparing the pot Watering, fertilizer application Styling Pinching / Pruning Regular pest management Repotting after 2/3 tears Soil: Soil Should hold water but have good drainage Haydite Silica Sand Charcoal Orchid Bark Never allow the soil to become compacted Do not use Miricle Gro potting soil. Preparing the tree: Preparing the tree Remove the tree from it’s nursery container or other pot Untangle the roots Loosen the roots Remove any long roots The goal is fine feeder roots, these do all the work. Types of Pots: Types of Pots Preparing the pot: Preparing the pot Secure screen over the drainage holes using wire Put wire through the pot, to be used to secure the tree Add soil, making a small mound in the center of the pot Potting the tree: Potting the tree Twist the tree and move it around to get all air pockets from under the tree out Wire the tree to the pot Run wire on top of the root ball. Twist the two ends together as tight as you can. Fill up with soil Use chopsticks to seat the soil around the roots Some pot guidelines: Some pot guidelines Slender trunks and group plantings look best in shallow pots. Thick trunks need deeper pots. Graceful trees look best in oval or soft cornered pots Trees with gnarled trunks look best in rectangle pots Wide spreading trees go good with pots that have a lip Tall slender trees, use a simple round pot The pot should be slightly narrower than the tree spread . PowerPoint Presentation: After care Pinching Pruning Training to desirable shapes Manuring Watering in regular intervals Tools and Techniques for styling:  Tools and Techniques for styling Wiring Copper Aluminum Trimming Bud removal Wiring Techniques: Wiring Techniques Wiring should be applied at a 45 degree angle. Make sure the wire is anchored properly. Use one wire to do two branches. Remove wire before it starts to bite into the bark of the tree. PowerPoint Presentation: WIRE WOUND FOR STYLING Watering: Watering Use a very fine spray, don’t blast the tree with the end of the garden hose. If the soil is damp about an inch down, then it’s time to water. The soil should never be allowed to dry out completely Rainwater is best Fertilizer: Fertilizer Fertilizer cakes are the best way to fertilize your bonsai. Use a good balanced fertilizer at half strength every other week. Pest control: Pest control Use neem oil or sevin at half strength Common pests and diseases Beetles Scale Aphids PowerPoint Presentation:  BONSAI BEAUTIES PowerPoint Presentation:  BEAUTIFUL BONSAI MANSION PowerPoint Presentation: BONSAI VILLAGE PowerPoint Presentation: THANK ‘ u’ BONSAI For making Our world Beautiful

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