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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: zaizai27


Reflections on Bonifacio’s Philosophy of Revolution

Who is Andres Bonifacio?

Andres Bonifacio • Joined Rizal’s “La Liga Filipina” A group that aims to liberate the Filipino people in a peaceful revolutionary way.

Andres Bonifacio • Founded the “Katipunan” (KKK) on July 7, 1892 A revolutionary faction that aims to liberate the Filipinos in a bloody way.

Andres Bonifcio • When Rizal was arrested, imprissoned and exiled Bonifacio turned his back on La Liga’s aims and was convinced that the only way to free the Filipinos is through a violent revolution.

Andres Bonifacio • Bonifacio’s real belief was that in order to be free there need to be a war, a revolution against the Spaniards. • But when he joined La Liga Filipina his view changed and nurtured faith in the peaceful revolutionary progress that La Liga aims.

Andres Bonifacio “Ang dapat mabatid ng mga Tagalog” (written on Kalayaan)

Reflection on Bonifacio’s Philosophy of Revoution • It is not between the government and the governed, it is about the colonized and the colonizers. • Change the “Ang dapat mabatid ng mga tagalog” to “Ang dapat mabatid ng mga Pilipino”

•A given example was Andres Bonifacio, who was in fact a plebeian ( blue collar) but was considered an ilustrado based on his wisdom and ability to lead the Katipunan members effectively. •If the initial membership of the Katipunan is ilustrado, it is difficult to perceive how it can be viewed as an illustration of a “history from below”. •The initial Katipunan membership was middle class or even lower middle class, it illustrates a “history from the middle”.

• The philosophy of Bonifacio revolution is the tagalog was afflicted by their own entire nation • During the spanish colonial government the tutelage and friar are under it’s nation • The tagalog are all alone after the blood compact in bohol • Tagalogs are the most affected on national revolution • Bonifacio advocated on people’s suffering • To ensure a rapid recruitment for the membership in revolutionary movement is how to intensify agitational work

• During the time of Bonifacio only one can safely assume who can lived misery,exploitation and suffering • Being a revolutionist you should provide revolutionary framework, better and pursuasive alternative to people’s misery

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