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Published on February 24, 2014

Author: mreisley


Ionic Bonds: Ionic Bonds Complete transfer of e -  creates charged ions Electrostatic force holds the two ions together; thus, we have an ionic bond NaCl MgCl 2 Covalent Bonds: Covalent Bonds Shared pair of e - = covalent bond Small e - neg difference A molecule is the result of 2 or more atoms bonding covalently . Cl 2 H 2 O CH 4 O 2 CO 2 Metallic Bonds: Metallic Bonds Metal atoms of the same type don’t always form covalent bonds Outer electron levels will overlap Electrons are delocalized  “sea of electrons” Electrons can flow easily The delocalized electrons holding the metal atoms together = metallic bond Delocalized Electrons Ionic Compounds: Ionic Compounds high melting points ability to conduct electricity in liquid, aqueous, & gaseous states solids are non-conducting usually soluble in water sharply defined crystals Covalent Compounds: Covalent Compounds Low melting points Do not conduct electricity Brittle PowerPoint Presentation: Bond Type Generally Formed Between Bond Formed By Properties of Bond Type Examples Covalent Ionic Metallic Non-metals Metals & Non-metals Metals Shared e - Transferred e - Delocalized e - Low mp Non-conductor Brittle High mp Conductor (g, aq, & l) Non-conduct (s) Electrical conductor Lusterous V. high mp C 2 H 6 , AsCl 3 , H 2 O, C(diamond ) NaCl, K 2 O, BaBr 2 Na, Au, Cu, Zn, Ac, Fe

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