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Published on November 13, 2008

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Bomb Threat Response : Bomb Threat Response PHCC Facilities Safety Bomb Threats : Bomb Threats Phone Bomb Threats : Employees receiving telephoned threats will: Stay calm - do not alarm others Notify your supervisor, who will report the threat. Fill out the Bomb Threat Checklist to assist responding agency. Decision to evacuate the building will be made by the City Manager, Public Works Director, or Chief of Police. Take the checklist with you if the building is evacuated. Bomb Threats : Bomb Threats Written Bomb Threats: Employees receiving or discovering a written bomb threat message will do the following: Remain calm and leave the message where it is found. Do not handle the document any more than necessary to preserve fingerprints and other evidence. Do not alarm others but report to your Supervisor immediately. DO NOT give information to anyone except Police, Supervisor, or City’s Emergency Manager. Steps to Take if a Bomb is Found : Steps to Take if a Bomb is Found Evacuate the immediate area. DO NOT TOUCH THE SUSPECTED BOMB - DO NOT USE CELL PHONES - DO NOT USE 2-WAY RADIOS! Notify your supervisor, who will report the matter. Leave all doors and windows open in the bomb area. Make a mental note of the following: (a) exact location of the object; (b) size of the object; (c) type of container or wrappings and markings on package; and (d) any sound coming from the object. Bomb Threat Messages : Bomb Threat Messages In-Person Bomb Threats: If you are confronted by an individual or group claiming to have a bomb or claiming to have placed a bomb: Stay calm. Cooperate with the individual or group. Try to get the attention of a co-worker. The person that is signaled will: (a) call 9+9-1-1 and report the incident, (b) notify your supervisor; and (c) fill out a description of the threatening person using Suspect Description form Slide 6: The person being threatened should ask the following questions, if possible: (a) What time the bomb is going to explode?______________________ (b) Where is it right now?_________________________________ (c) What does it look like?________________________________ (d) What kind of bomb is it?_______________________________ (e) What will cause it to explode?___________________________ Do not alarm others, take this sheet with you if the building is evacuated. DO NOT give information to anyone except Police, Supervisor, or the City’s Emergency Manager. Slide 7: Example of a package bomb: Slide 9: For more information, talk to your Supervisor, and review the PHCC Emergency Response Guidelines for PHCC Buildings.

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