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Published on July 13, 2008

Author: Onzalo



A project I did freshmen year in high school for environmental science.

Bold Bald Eagle By: Gonzalo A. Corral Environmental Science 8 th 10/31/06

Bald Headed Eagle Haliateetus leucocephalos Name

Description and Statues Body length of 28-38 inches Wingspan of 6-7 1/2 ft and a body weight of 7-14 pounds It’s back and breast are blackish brown with a white head and tail, yellow feet and bill. It’s Currently threatened

Habitat Bald headed eagles are found in Alaska, Southern Canada, northern Mexico and most of the USA Mainly along the coast and on major river were they feed mainly on fish.


Niche and Importance The bald headed eagle is at the top of the food chain It is important because it is the emblem of the USA and also it’s on of the most beautiful birds to look at.

Reason for Threatened Since it’s at the top of the food chain when there is a toxin like DDT it gets the strongest poisoning which caused its egg shells to become brittle and break killing the young it also became threatened because excess hunting and lead poisoning.

Support It’s still protected by Endangered Species Act even though they’ve been trying to get it off the threatened list Hunting or killing one is illegal and the use of DDT pesticides is illegal in the USA and other countries.

Citations This website helped me the most finding almost all of the information I needed to complete my project. This is where I found the name, measurements, and part of the habitat

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