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Information about Body Recovery Flows

Published on March 16, 2016

Author: hạnh358900


slide 2: BODYWEIGHT FLOW Copyright © 2010-2013 Bodyweight Flow. All Rights Reserved. No part of this information may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying recording distributing or by any information storage or retrieval system without permission in writing from the author. The author and publisher disclaim any responsibility for any adverse effects or consequences from the misapplication or injudicious use of the information presented in this text. Inquiries should be addressed to Bodyweight Flow Disclaimer Fitness training in any form involves a potential risk for serious injury health complications or death. The dietary and exercise techniques discussed and utilized in this manual are planned and demonstrated by highly trained professionals and should not be attempted by anyone regardless of age or physical condition without help from a fitness professional medical doctor or registered dietician / licensed dietician. Anyone who attempts any of these techniques whether under supervision or not assumes all risks. Neither Bodyweight Flow nor any business affiliates of Bodyweight Flow shall be held liable to anyone for use of any of these exercises diet plans or any advice whatsoever contained within this book. This Bodyweight Flow ebook is informational and for your entertainment only. The data and information contained herein are based upon information from the author’s own personal experience and practice as gained by various sources some peer-reviewed and some not. The author and publisher of this manual makes no warranties expressed or implied regarding the currency completeness or scientific accuracy of this information nor does it warrant the fitness of the information for any particular purpose. This summary of information from anecdotal experience books research journals and articles is not intended to replace the advice or guidance from health care professionals personal trainers corrective exercise specialists or registered and licensed dietitians. It is not intended to direct their behavior or replace their independent professional judgment. Before you embark on any health fitness or sports training programs seek clearance from a qualified health care professional. Terms Conditions 1. I am aware that Bodyweight Flow and it’s members are not medical doctors and are not qualified to determine a participant’s physical capability to engage in strenuous exercise. 2. I am aware that Bodyweight Flow and it’s members are not registered / licensed dietitians and are not qualified to provide nutritional counseling and guidance. 3. Medical clearance from my physician may be required prior to participation in any exercise programand/or engaging in any of the exercises contained within this manual. slide 3: INTRODUCTION After teaching people the Metabolic Ignition Sequences contained in the Bodyweight Flow System one question kept coming up more then any other... “Can I Do More The One Flow” Of course you can do more then one flow : In fact we’ve been stringing these flows together to form entire flow workouts for a while now. So... We decided to simplify it and create a series of special bonus manuals that you can use as a direct reference for putting flows together to create full workouts. This second manual contains 14 different full workout flows that are roughly 20 minutes in length. And we wanted to make it extremely easy for you to navigate through these full flow workouts so we decided to hyperlink each flow to the download page where you can view that follow along flow video. You can use these full flow workouts in between your regular training days or first thing in the morning before you get out of bed. These full workout flow sequences will not harm any of your other training or scheduled workouts so please feel free to use them any way you like. Here’s how you can use this manual: 1 Scroll down to the workout you want to try there’s 14 of em then click the first flow on top of the workout. 2 This will take you to the page where you can watch the video. Choose the beginner intermediate or advanced variation of the workout flow you just clicked on i.e. for Upper Body Flow 2 you would click on the beginner intermediate or advanced variation of flow 2 and follow along to that 2-3 minute flow then rest for 30-90 seconds. 3 During your rest click on the next flow and get the video ready to go repeat through the full workout. That’s all there is to it : Enjoy slide 4: INTRODUCTION First of all we want to thank you for investing in your recovery and trusting us to teach you how to accelerate your results through our specific short Recovery Flow Sequences This program just like bodyweight flow was designed with a unique philosophy in mind... That philosophy is... When You Move Better You Get Better Results By adding in these unique recovery sequences after and between your workouts you will unlock your flat belly potential and awaken muscles you didn’t even know you had Following these routines will dramatically change the duration it takes for you to recover between your workouts which will allow you to workout harder and experience less overall fatigue and muscle soreness. Here’s some of the changes you can expect to see after a few weeks of following along to these unique recovery flows: You will feel more loose and flexible then you ever have before You will be able to workout harder while experiencing less soreness Any residual aches and pains from previous injuries will fade away When you workout you will notice a difference in how hard you can go You will sleep like a baby and walk through your days feeling like a child The secret behind the effectiveness of the Recovery Flow System is it’s ability just like the Bodyweight Flow System to increase your functional range of motion or active flexibility. This unique component often overlooked in your workouts means faster recovery times between workouts reduction of tight muscle tissues and the ability for you to work out harder and with a greater range of motion then you have ever experienced before. Ok... Let’s get you started by showing you... slide 5: WHAT TO EXPECT This manual was intended to show you the fastest way to get started using the Core Flow System. All you have to do is give this short manual a quick read which should take less then 3 minutes and from there get started ASAP slide 6: HOW TO USE THIS PROGRAM This is probably the simplest recovery program to use that you have ever come across : You can use any of the recovery flows for any amount of time based on what muscle groups are sore. We laid these recovery sequences out so you could target specific areas of your body or use one of our full body flows. This way you can choose which flows to follow based on which muscles are sore on your body. Here’s 3 steps to follow so you can get started right away...  Choose which muscle groups in your body are feeling worked and tight lower for lower upper for upper and full for those days your whole body seems to ache.  Start with flow 1 and cycle through all 5 flows for that particular area of your body. This should only take 7-15 minutes depending on how many flows you chose to follow along to and how long you chose to follow them.  Use these flows after a hard workout or on your off days as an active recovery routine. They can be paired with any of the core flows or bodyweight flows and should be used to alleviate specific areas of your body. Really everything you need to know to get seriously awesome results from this program is contained in the 3 steps above. We literally did everything for you other then push play and follow along WHAT IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS Listen... We are here to support you along the way so if you have any questions at all or you need help following along to the system all you have to do is reach out to us at

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