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Information about Body Cells

Published on November 14, 2007

Author: gmanb5



This is a presentation documenting the various cells that make up the human body systems.

SPECIALIZED CELLS How the body system cells work

Nervous System


Digestive System

Salivary Glands!brandley/Teaching/ib131l/histo/digestive/pictures/salivary.html

Stomach Cells!brandley/Teaching/ib131l/histo/digestive/pictures/stomach2.html

Small Intestine (Villi)!brandley/Teaching/ib131l/histo/digestive/pictures/ileum.html

Large Intestines!brandley/Teaching/ib131l/histo/digestive/pictures/colon2.html

Respiratory System

Nasal Cells!brandley/Teaching/ib131l/histo/respiratory/pictures/nasaepi.html

Trachea Cells!brandley/Teaching/ib131l/histo/respiratory/index.html#alveoli

Bronchus Cells!brandley/Teaching/ib131l/histo/respiratory/index.html#alveoli


Skeletal-Muscular System

Muscle Cells

Bone Cells!brandley/Teaching/ib131l/histo/cartandbone/pictures/osteon.html

Excretory System

Kidney Cross Section!brandley/Teaching/ib131l/histo/urinary/pictures/kidney.html

Kidney Cells

Circulatory System

Artery Cells

Vein Cells;20lab/s38.jpg

Red Blood Cells

Blood Cells

Endocrine System

Pancreas Cells from

Adrenal Gland Cells!brandley/Teaching/ib131l/histo/endocrine/pictures/adrenal.html

Skin Gland Cells!brandley/Teaching/ib131l/histo/endocrine/pictures/skin.html

Thyroid Cells

Immune System

White Blood Cells

Attacking Anthrax

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