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Published on November 30, 2007

Author: george


Welcome To Our Presentation:  Welcome To Our Presentation Bandwidth On Demand:  Bandwidth On Demand By: Khaleb Abdelhadi Barbara Roberts Richard (Steve) King Randy Denny Technology Options for Bandwidth::  Technology Options for Bandwidth: 56-kbps analog modem ISDN terminal adapter ADSL adapter Cable modem Satellite system T1 line Consider 56kbps Modem if::  Consider 56kbps Modem if: Don’t want to deal with installation woes Want to wait for other high-bandwidth technologies to arrive to your area Consider ISDN if ::  Consider ISDN if : You need higher speed NOW You can deal with the installation complexities and headaches You want a higher speed but can’t afford the other options cost or drawbacks Consider ADSL if::  Consider ADSL if: Point-to-point service is no problem for you Cost is not a crucial factor Consider Cable if::  Consider Cable if: Security is not important in your field Maximum promised throughput rate is not important to you Consider Satellite if::  Consider Satellite if: You are a super web surfer desperate for bandwidth You live so far from civilization You don’t upload files or send e-mail Consider T1 if::  Consider T1 if: You want fast downloads and uploads Cost is not a crucial factor Other technology options are not available in your area 56kbps Modems:  56kbps Modems They are a quick inexpensive way to double your download speed if your current modem is less than 56k They are easy to install and configure They work over existing phone lines Many manufacturers like Hayes have trade-in programs so you can upgrade your older slower modem 56k Modems “continued”:  56k Modems “continued” They are far slower than the other high bandwidth options but they are far cheaper too Like any other technology, they rarely achieve the maximum throughput. They can achieve a download speed of only 53 kbps and upload speed limited to 33.6 kbps No TCU standard exists for it yet ISDN Terminal Adapters:  ISDN Terminal Adapters Three times as fast as a 56k modem Widely available: more ISPs are offering ISDN services People reported that it was hard to install Expensive: the adapter costs from $100 to $300 phone companies charge from $100 to $400 to install it ADSL Adapter:  ADSL Adapter Competes with ISDN because it is ten times faster than ISDN at 1.5 mbps and the cost gap between them is getting narrower Only available in 14 major cities in the US The more people are using it the less upload speed you will get at a minimum of 640 kbps, which will be satisfactory for the majority of usesrs ADSL “continued”:  ADSL “continued” Because it is a point-to-point service: You won’t be able to make ADSL connections to anyone else over the public switched network It costs about $175 per month It promises to be a cost effective way for telecommuters to make fast net connections It runs through existing copper wire and saves dedicated channel for you Cable Modem:  Cable Modem More than twice as fast as ADSL at 30 mbps Its download speed is as fast as a T1, but uploads are significantly slower at 820 kbps The Cable system is shared by all users, which affects its theoretical speed and security It costs between $35 to $60 per month (some offer free modem & installation) Cable “continued”:  Cable “continued” The bottom line is that Cable will never replace the phone company as a networking transmission method in the business field that needs reliable high speed connections Satellite System:  Satellite System Four times faster than ISDN The only networking solution to get connected to the rest of the world for people who live far away from civilization A combination of an ISA adapter and satellite dish gives a download speed of 488 kbps For uploads you still need a modem and an ISP Satellite System “continued”:  Satellite System “continued” It costs about $130 per month but limits the time of day you can use the service, plus $500 for the dish Bottom line is that Satellite system is good for most web surfing and for receiving streaming video and audio, but it’s very slow for file uploads at about 16.6 kbps (slower than 28.8-kbps modem connection) T1 Line:  T1 Line Very Expensive: The equipment costs at least $2000 Service runs at least $3000 a month You may have to act as your own ISP like setting up and managing mail and web servers Very fast uploads and downloads at 1.5 mbps Very common in the business field that needs very high bandwidth for networking Summary Table:  Summary Table Documentation:  Documentation THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION WAS MOSTLY BASED ON RESEARCH DONE BY PC WORLD MAGAZINE, AUGUST, 1998 ISSUE Thank You:  Thank You

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