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Information about Bob

Published on November 1, 2007

Author: Jolene


Current Grid Status at SLAC:  Current Grid Status at SLAC Currently VDT is installed on 14 machines at SLAC Griddev05-Griddev17,Griddev20 Gridmap file has all Babar VO members Available for interactive use LCG Install Time Line:  LCG Install Time Line Unknown at this time. Will start with Nov. LCG-1 Update. Unclear as to how well VDT and LCG integrate. First goal is to get at least one CE available. SRB in BaBar:  SRB in BaBar SRB developed by SDSC being used for data distribution in BaBar. Provides a system capable of moving variety of different types of data with same interface. Deploying SRB for: Distributing conditions dbs. Distributing background triggers. Distributing Event data. (can also be used to distribute XTC files). SRB in BaBar:  SRB in BaBar Currently have tested: Distribution of xtc files from SLAC to Rome (part of testing transfer rates). Distribution of root data to GridKA (12 and 14 series data). Distribution of conditions data from SLAC to ccin2p3, GridKA, Bristol and ISU and Rome. GridKA and ccin2p3 get conds for production this way now. Tested scaling of MCAT with ~300K collections stored. Time to query 1 collection ~1-2secs. Tested robustness of SRB and MCAT continuous use over 2 week period with no problems. SRB in BaBar:  SRB in BaBar All testing done with SRB v2 Deploying SRB v3 in production allows federation of SRB MCATs. Architecture of system: 1 MCAT @ SLAC, 1 MCAT @ ccin2p3. Both synchronized with each other. Users connect to one or other MCAT to get data. More info at: SRB in BaBar:  SRB in BaBar Future: Allow SRB to use VO, VOMS to for user auth. Work well underway at SLAC. Interoperation of SRB with RLS. Allows SRB to talk LCG. Work already started on this in UK. Integration of SRB with SRM. Work in UK starting. Adaption of some SRM-like tools to manage SRB requests at SLAC, ccin2p3. Work on this starting at SLAC. SRB in BaBar:  SRB in BaBar People actively working on SRB in BaBar (testing, deploying): Adil Hasan, Wilko Kroeger (SLAC), Liliana Martin (Paris VI et VII), Jean-Yves Nief (ccin2p3), Cristina Bulfon (INFN Rome), Andreas Petzold (UTD).

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