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Published on February 22, 2008

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Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat : The Bio-Oil Research Team at UNH Project Funded by NH Industrial Research Center:  Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat : The Bio-Oil Research Team at UNH Project Funded by NH Industrial Research Center UNH TEAM: Dr. Ihab Farag Christopher Barrett Caitlin LaClair January 2002- Present Coatings, Composites & Green Chemistry Workshops and Poster Sessions, MUB Strafford Rm, UNH, Durham, NH , June 5, 2002 Bleak Horizons…:  Bleak Horizons… Closing of the Berlin-Gorham paper mills Faltering wood chip electric plant Many left unemployed Excess low grade wood in NH Uses Low Quality Excess Wood Produced by Fast Pyrolysis. Dynamotive Yield 60-80 wt% Viscous dark oil (looks like espresso coffee). HV = 7,500 Btu/lb (about half of #2 fuel Oil HV). Bio-Oil:Promise of the Future Why look to Bio-Oil Vs. Wood or Fuel? :  Why look to Bio-Oil Vs. Wood or Fuel? Environmental Considerations No SOx Emissions CO2 Neutral No HG or Dioxin emission 50% lower NOx emissions than diesel fuel. Renewable and Locally Produced CO2 credit / Alternative fuel credit Storage and Transportation Additional Products (green chemicals) Northern NH Economy Why NH North Country?:  Why NH North Country? NH Forest-based industry employ more 11,500 person, and generate $3.9 B in goods and service. Wood, water, and labor are available. Opportunity to introduce Bio-Oil technology Coos County Carroll County Partnering for Success:  Partnering for Success Collaborate with stakeholders to investigate production of Bio-Oil in NH. UNH Bio-Oil, PSNH, NH DRED, US DOE, BEDCO, IRC, ECS, SBDC, USDA Forest Service, and UNH cooperative extension Goals of the UNH Bio-Oil Team Study the economic, social environmental, and technical aspects of Bio-Oil Production. Research Markets for Bio-Oil. Educate local communities about Bio-Oil. Fast Pyrolysis Products:  Fast Pyrolysis Products Bio-Oil Heating, power generation, green chemicals stock Other end uses are being explored. Char Energy Source Charcoal briquettes Non-Condensable Gases Recycled to provide heat for pyrolysis and drying. Pyrolysis Process Diagram:  Pyrolysis Process Diagram Wood Chip Feed Pyrolysis Reactor Bio-Oil Storage Unit Quencher Wood Grinding Wood Chip Drying Char collector Recycled non-condensable gases Challenges of Fast Pyrolysis to Produce Bio-Oil:  Challenges of Fast Pyrolysis to Produce Bio-Oil Drying of Bio-mass Small particle size necessary Reactor Scale-up Secondary Cracking Coaly matter separation Liquid gathering Bio-Oil: Other Incentives:  Bio-Oil: Other Incentives The HB 284-FN- Bill (NH Clean Power Act) 75% lower S02 emissions; 70% lower NOxemissions; 75% lower Hg emissions; 7% lower than 1990 C02 emissions By 2007. Environmental Action Programs (EAP) Rural Development Economic Recovery Forest Products Conservation Wood in Transportation Farm Bill 2002-The Forestry Title Forest Land Enhancement Programs (FLEP) Sustainable Forestry Outreach Initiative Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Environmental Action Programs (EAP) Slide10:  Independent Preliminary Economic Analysis by UNH Consistent with studies by Cole Hill and Associates. On-going Research of technical and environmental impacts and issues. Market Feasibility of Bio-Oil End Users Bio-Oil Progress Slide11:  Cog RW Locomotives Research Feasibility of Replacing Coal Bio-Oil Markets on the Horizon Coal Dust Suppression Dust Suppression and Btu Enhancement for Coal Piles. . Paving Applications Exploring Bio-Oil as environmentally- friendly substitution in Paving Applications. Areas Currently Being Researched :  Areas Currently Being Researched Storage and longevity Low pH/ high acidity Immiscibility with non-aqueous liquids Combustion/Co-Firing Market Feasibility Composition & Properties:  Composition & Properties Storage Stability Problems- viscosity increases with time. Combustion Problems Associated with Aging- particulate size increases because of polymerization reactions in heated bio-oil causing equipment clogs or frequent filter changes. From Storage Effect on Bio-Oil Viscosity:  Storage Effect on Bio-Oil Viscosity Slide15:  Estimated Operational Cost of Bio-Oil Facility NH Fuel Cost Comparison:  NH Fuel Cost Comparison The values for Cole Hill Associates analysis was done in conjuncture with DynaMotive and is a base price. Slide17:  Size of Plant vs. Production cost per gal Bio-Oil 25% moisture content 35% moisture content 55% moisture content Future Bio-Oil Considerations:  Future Bio-Oil Considerations Chemical feed stock Mixture with diesel Retrofitting of fuel burning equipment Emulsion of Bio-Oil and Fuel Oil “Greener” pavings Replacing Creosotes in utility poles Industrial Boilers and Kiln Market Acknowledgements:  Acknowledgements Henry Mullaney, IRC Ron Tetu, PSNH Dennis Cote, BEDCO Arthur Greenberg, CEPS Craig Wright, DES Michelle Andy, DES Gerald Stewart, Cole Hill Associates References :  References The Review of Modern Tehcnologies of the Production of Liquid Fuel from Biomass using Fast Pyrolysis. June 12, 2000. Bridgewater, Prof. Tony. A Guide to Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass for Fuels and Chemicals. PyNe Guide 1. March 1999. Cost Analysis Assumptions based also based on Patent 5,853,548 NH Department of Resources and Economic Development. Identifying and Implementing Alternatives to Sustain the Wood-Fired Electricity Generating Industry in New Hampshire. January 2002 J.P. Diebold. A Review of the Chemical and Physical Mechanisms of the Storage Stability of Fast Pyrolysis Bio-Oils. Thermalchemie, Inc. Lakewood, Colorado. January 2000. UNH Bio-Oil Team Contacts:  UNH Bio-Oil Team Contacts Ihab Farag, UNH ph: 1-603-862-2313 Christopher Barrett ph: 1-603-862-4395 Caitlin LaClair ph: 1-603-862-4395 Chemical Engineering Dept, University of New Hampshire 255 Kingsbury Hall, Durham, NH 03824-3591, USA, fax: 603-862-3747

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