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Published on November 5, 2007

Author: Natalya


Slide1:  BookNet Canada Introduction to EDI Agenda:  Agenda What is EDI? Document types Pubnet features Web demo The BookNet Canada/Pubnet Service What is EDI?:  What is EDI? Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents using a standard format a method of transmitting business data from one computer to another, without the need to re-key data Benefits of EDI:  Benefits of EDI Improves the speed of information exchanged between companies Reduces operational costs Minimized potential for error Confirmation on the exchange of documents Minimized paper use and storage Why should you care?:  Why should you care? Indigo targeted its top 150 vendors in 2003 -- all orders sent via EDI Will start adding more small suppliers in Winter 2004 BookNet Canada and EDI:  BookNet Canada and EDI Help publishers of all sizes move to EDI Provide a low-cost network for the Canadian market Provide document standards Extend EDI to more business processes BookNet Canada and Pubnet:  BookNet Canada and Pubnet Pubnet selected as a replacement for Canadian Telebook’s network Pubnet was selected by BookNet Canada and an advisory group of book industry EDI users based on: pricing strength of their technology offering strong track record in the book market commitment to service and support. Value Added Network:  Value Added Network A VAN is a third party service provider that receives, stores and forwards data to trading partners Provides tracking, archiving and file validation Accessed via dial-up or FTP Pubnet, CTA, Sterling, etc. all VANs. How does it work?:  How does it work? Each publisher and bookseller has a mailbox on the EDI network Bookseller (or wholesaler) sends an order to the publisher’s mailbox Publisher checks mailbox (manually or automatically) to retrieve orders and return a response to the corresponding bookstore mailbox Document Cycle:  Document Cycle Book store Publisher Purchase Order 850 Functional Acknowledgement 997 Purchase Order Acknowledgement 855 Advance Ship Notice 856 Invoice 810 EDI Documents:  EDI Documents x.12 document format Used by manufacturing, automotive, medical, consumer packaged goods, music, books Hundreds of possible documents CBISAC x.12 -- Canadian book industry standard EDI Standards:  EDI Standards BookNet Canada has compiled CBISAC standards for: Purchase Order Purchase Order Acknowledgement Advanced Ship Notice Invoice. All standards are available at Core document set:  Core document set Purchase Order (PO) 850 Purchase Order Acknowledgement (POA) 855 a response to the PO indicating the status of each item (i.e. in stock, on backorder, out of print) Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) 856 gives information as to what is being sent in a shipment Core document set:  Core document set 810 – Invoice an electronic invoice to bill for products 997 – Functional Acknowledgement Acknowledges the receipt of each document Ways to conduct EDI - via the Web:  Ways to conduct EDI - via the Web Web interface: Pick up orders, send response documents Not integrated to existing systems Requires manual data entry For publishers with little or no technical systems or EDI expertise Ways to conduct EDI - System integration:  Ways to conduct EDI - System integration Translator software connects to the network Automatically coverts EDI documents into documents used by internal systems Via FTP or Dial-up No manual intervention – imports files directly into systems without rekeying EDI via System Integration:  EDI via System Integration Requires computer-based order processing, fulfillment system, accounting systems Base price about $5000 US Various products on the market “What I want” -- The Purchase Order:  “What I want” -- The Purchase Order Purchase Order includes: Bill-to Company Ship-to Company Backorder instructions And for each Item ISBN Quantity List Price Discount Purchase Order:  Purchase Order A Functional Acknowledgement (FA) and a complete Purchase Order Acknowledgement (POA) must be returned in response of the PO. Indigo sends one PO for each store “What I’ve got” Purchase Order Acknowledgement:  “What I’ve got” Purchase Order Acknowledgement Supplier’s response to a Purchase Order POA includes (per title): Quantity Ordered Quantity accepted, backordered Acceptance Code (accepted, backordered, OP, NYP, etc.) Alternate ISBN (if initial ISBN has been changed) Scheduled Ship Date Price, Discount Purchase Order Acknowledgement:  Purchase Order Acknowledgement Required for every Purchase Order received The POA is a response to every line item on the PO indicating the status of each item (i.e. in stock, on backorder, out of print) Indigo requires a POA Booksellers using BookManager and Wordstock can also process a POA In the boxes -- The Advanced Ship Notice:  In the boxes -- The Advanced Ship Notice The contents of a shipment from a supplier Advanced Ship Notice includes: Number of cartons Number of items per carton Shipment Date Shipment Weight, Quantity Shipped Carrier Name Bill of Lading Number, Packing Slip Number ISBNs and Quantities in each box Advanced Ship Notice:  Advanced Ship Notice ASN describes: How many shipments In each order number of cartons In each carton number of items Can be multiple POs in each shipment Indigo requires an ASN (and corresponding barcodes on each box) Indigo will return a Functional Acknowledgement for each ASN sent Advanced Ship Notice:  Advanced Ship Notice Indigo allows for multiple purchase orders on a shipment to be sent on a single ASN. Indigo requires that: all cartons must contain a specified shipping label. The carton number must be represented in the ASN the items that are specified in the specific cartons be in these cartons. If this procedure is not followed the items may be considered short shipped. Getting Paid – The Invoice:  Getting Paid – The Invoice Everything you’d expect to see in a regular invoice The Invoice includes: Terms Ship Date Other Charges -- Taxes, shipping Number of Cartons For each item ISBN, Quantity, Price, Discount Invoice:  Invoice Can reference multiple Purchase Orders Should only be one Invoice per ASN Indigo requires an electronic Invoice BookManager and Wordstock can process EDI Invoices New EDI documents:  New EDI documents 820 Payment Remittance Advice – transmits remittance and/or payment information Returns 856/810 – combined document set provides publishers with advanced notice on books that are being returned returns invoice outlining price and discount. Returns 180 What a bookstore intends to return (for approval) Slide28:  Web Demo Pubnet Features:  Pubnet Features GSX Enterprise Network Services Document Cycle Tracking System (DCTS) Web-Based Forms Interfaces Publisher and Retailer Versions Publisher Trading Information Pick-up times, SANs, contact info Bookstore Information Contact details, SANs Pubnet Features:  Pubnet Features Document Cycle Tracking System (DCTS) Order Visibility Sender/ Receiver Receipt Notification Shipment Management Compliance Checking/ Certification Customized Reporting Pubnet Features:  Pubnet Features Comprehensive Client Services One-call support - 1.800.PUBNET.1 Available through phone, fax, Website & e-mail Monday – Thursday 9 am to 7 pm EST Friday 9 am – 5 pm EST DCTS:  DCTS Pricing:  Pricing Publishers* * Extra mailboxes available, priced at $50 each **All prices in Canadian Dollars Retailers Less than $100 Million in Book Revenue No charge/ No join Fee in 2004 -- After 2004, $50 Join Fee More than $100 Million in Book Revenue Tier 1 membership BookNet Canada / Pubnet Service:  BookNet Canada / Pubnet Service The new service includes: Capped, flat-rate pricing for publishers/distributors, based on trade book sales Unlimited sending and receiving of documents Faster FTP-based network connections in addition to traditional dial-up Online document tracking and error-checking 1-800 phone support Getting Started:  Getting Started Contact your Pubnet Representative Get a SAN (via Pubnet) if you don’t have one already. Establish an EDI trading relationship with Indigo BNC & Pubnet let other bookstores know Training and Testing You’re live on Pubnet! Pubnet Sign-up Process:  Pubnet Sign-up Process Enquire about pricing and service options Contact Guy Tripp 905-332-1904 Testing and Service Implementation Contact Don Nelson 1-800-323-3288 x0221 Conduct Testing Complete Sign-Up Forms Sent via Email Begin Live Service

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