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Information about BMW

Published on January 22, 2011

Author: Vaghela


Presentation on BMW : Presentation on BMW Submitted To: Prof. Reshmi Menan Submitted By: Dinesh Khunt (Roll No:07) Ravi Majithia (Roll No:09) Karishma Makim (Roll No:10) Purvi Panchal (Roll No:17) Nirav Vaghela (Roll No:36) “Automobiles and motorcycles which fascinate people all over the world and which win legions of new admirers every day. And a degree of success which sees the BMW Group go from strength to strength.” Automobile Industry : Automobile Industry Pre and Post war scenario – Rebuilding the Nation Initially Automobile Production was prominent in USA, but soon Spreaded to Europe and Japan By the latter part of the 20th century the automobile industry was global and mature. General Motors, Ford, Daimler-Chrysler, Toyota and Volkswagen were market leader. CSF changing with Time : CSF changing with Time From the mid 1990s automobile producers strove to improve engineering and Quality of vehicles. From 21st century price war in Automobile market started which decreased the profitability of all major companies. Quality was no longer issue as many has the same and the consumer choice factor had become Design and the Brand appeal. Companies started given attention to the “Look” and building powerful brands rather than price competition. Cont.. : Cont.. It has become clear that Brand Identity was most effective way to be more competitive in the market, Toyota Case: High Quality, Reliability, Fuel Economy, Smart Environmental Awareness Performance Evaluation criteria: Product Excellence Cost Of Ownership Average Performance of Car Brands : Average Performance of Car Brands BMW and Major Competitor : BMW and Major Competitor Company History : Company History BMW (Bayerische Motoron Worke Aktiengesellschaft) was founded in 1918 in Germany. High Performance Saloon Automobile. Mission: “To be the most successful premium manufacturer in the industry”. Pre war the company used to produce Aero Engines. After world war II the demand for Aero Engine gone and the Company then moved to Automobile Manufacturing. In 1959 BMW faced bankruptcy, when it found a powerful Shareholder Herbert Quandt, who could see BMW’s inherent strength beyond current difficulties. Cont.. : Cont.. The turning point came In 1961, when BMW launched model BMW 1500 which helped establish BMW automobile brand as reputation for engineering excellence. The BMW group produces premium range of Automobiles and Motorcycles. Other Business are Software and Financial Services. The company has its 23 production and assembly plants in 13 countries worldwide. BMW employed more the 1,04,000 employees in their plants. BMW Group Position in 2003 : BMW Group Position in 2003 Automobiles delivered by BMW Group in 2003 (1000 units) : Automobiles delivered by BMW Group in 2003 (1000 units) BMW’s Top Ten Markets : BMW’s Top Ten Markets Strategic Competencies : Strategic Competencies Engineering Excellence BMW Brand Management Open and Design based culture Strategic Capabilities : Strategic Capabilities Highly Qualified German workforce Robust Distribution network and close proximity with customer Partnering Growth with Suppliers BMW Positioning : BMW Positioning Positioned as a “Ultimate Driving Machine” with Powerful, Reliable and Luxurious Image and Focused to: Young Affluent Professional High Performance saloon Automobiles Strategy of BMW : Strategy of BMW The main factor of BMW’s success is attributed to the development of consistent marketing policy, the “market niche” strategy. Positioning : Positioned differently and Pricing differently in various nation Brand : Brand Management, Communication HR: Innovation at centre stage, no penalty on faults Design :Conventionally designed and Traditionally styled SCM : Long Term Relations with Suppliers, buying in US Dollar Customer Service and sales : Close Proximity so better segmented Cont…. : Cont…. Productivity: Rise productivity of at least 5% year Trade Unions: Highly negotiated terms – My machines and people sweats more than competition Cost: Putting all of cost structure to the test. Production : Moving Production in to growth market resulted benefit in to Cost Reduction and Hedging against Currency. Share holders : high profits with value growth. Porter’s Five Forces : Porter’s Five Forces Customer: High Supplier: Low New Entrance: Moderate Substitute: Moderate Competition: High Challenges : Challenges Size of the Company and Range Of Models Vulnerable for Takeover Quant Family stake sale Focused to Organic Growth: Strong Competition with range of Brands Ageing population Mobility boundaries in growing urban areas Cont.. : Cont.. Over Ambitious Management : Every 3 months New product, 40% sales Raise, No 1 in Premium Cars – Ahead of Merc Can Damage Brand Maintaining Price Premium & Quality Quality concern. Future Of BMW : Future Of BMW An additional automotive brand would have to be a perfect fit for BMW and it’s strengths Emerging Economies Focused Communication needed (BRIC Nations) - Emerging markets newer Millioners also be elevated to BMW prestige Rationalize ambitious new product launches Focused needed to tap into efficiency potential amounting to billions. SWOT Analysis : SWOT Analysis Strength Strong Brand name Powerful Distribution network and relation with supplier Sophisticated brands like Rolls-Royce is a part of the group The BMW group spends huge % of its revenues on R&D, which is the highest in the industry Increased turnover and trading profits Strong marketing communication Skilled labor force Weakness Difficulty in dealing with labor cost control in European political climate Over reliance on BMW brands Substitute products and technology Organic way of growing Cont.. : Cont.. Opportunity New Products and Segments Market shifts to globalization & Entry in to developing countries like south Africa Innovation and alliances, Like hybrid car New Technology in Automobiles Threats New & existing competition Volatility in price of fuel New legislation Economic recession Hostile bids Far-East automobile companies expansion Extremely high competition for customer and resources Thank You : Thank You

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