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Published on April 25, 2014

Author: bluespice



With BlueSpice [rent a link] you can place banner ads and directory entries in your wiki.

BlueSpice [rent a link] Banner Ads, Affiliate Banners and Service Provider Directories in the Wiki

Public wikis:  Earn money with advertisements in your wiki  Use banners for appeals on your own behalf  List contractors and providers visible for everyone  Integrate affiliate programs Closed Wikis:  Use advertising spaces for internal marketing purposes  List service providers and external contact partners at the corresponding articles Use Cases Use [rent a link] for advertising revenues and messages

 Define on which pages the banners should be displayed  Define rotation for banner positions  Upload banners to a special page and manage them  Administrate banner customers on a special page  Create service provider directories  Embed links from affiliate programs BlueSpice [rent a link] Place banner ads and create directories

Customer Manager Add new customers Set user name, company name and link to the CRM

Banner Manager Choose a type: banners, service provider or affiliate Choose , service provider directory (Directory) or code (affiliate program)

Banner • Assign a banner to a customer • Upload a banner/ image and set a link • Choose the articles where the banner ad should be displayed • Set the start date and end date for the banner • Set the priority for the rotation • Activate or deactivate the banner Banner Manager Add banner ads and define the display position

Banner This is how the ad-banner looks like next to an article

Directory • Assign an entry to a customer • Upload an image (logo) and set a link • Set an address, choose categories, add a description and fill in contact information • Choose the articles where the directory entry should be displayed Banner Manager Create a service provider entry

Directory Entry This is how the service provider entry looks like

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