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Published on February 22, 2014

Author: EliseWhite

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History of Blues and RnB music.

Blues and RnB Sam, Elise and Joel

Blues    Blues in the 50’s came from the roots of Africa. The war had ended in 1945 which meant that the stop of slavery was only five years into becoming accepted in society. This meant that a lot of blues artists would write songs influenced by the bitter and tragic events of slavery. When working out in cotton fields in order to pass the time the slaves used to sing about the things making them blue, and this was the beginning of the era of blues singers. “The blue is an expression of anger against shame and humiliation” – B.B King

Blues – Magic Sam      Samuel “Magic Sam” Gene Maghett was a Chicago blues musician. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jckT0EgUPU (All Your Love) Structure: Intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, middle eighth, solo, chorus. Double bass, steel guitar, drums and vocals. The music fits together well, but at times the guitar will tend to go off the rail and sound as if he’s improving over the top.

Blues – John Lee Hooker      John Lee Hooker was an American blues musician from Mississippi. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X70VMrH3yBg (Boom Boom) His song is very much similar to All Your Love by Magic Sam. It follows a near identical structure pattern if not the same. The instruments used are drums, vocals, double bass, acoustic guitar. The song jells well together, however there are – very much like All Your Love – hints of improvisation from the guitar.

Rhythm and Blues    At the time segregation was still in place, so that meant there was a division between black and white people. This meant things like toilets were separate (white people having much better ones) and even black people were punished for so much as talking to white people. The exploitation of black people was ignored, and this then led to boycotting. Dances in those times were separated too with music; the white people listened to Rock and Roll and black people listened to RnB, it was when Rockabilly came in that they started to merge.

RnB – Bob Williams      Bob Williams is an American RnB singer from the 1950’s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFv7SjvdETg (My Goose Is Cooked) The structure of the song is: Intro, chorus, verse, chorus, verse, middle eighth, small solo from saxophone, bridge and chorus. The instruments used are saxophone, drums, vocals, guitar and double bass. The song fits together and when there are abrupt pauses when the voice fills the silence, the instruments are in good time.

RnB – Ray Charles      Ray Charles is an American RnB singer-song writer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3pBeESf3K8 (Just About To Lose Your Clown) The structure of the song is almost identical to Bob Williams. Intro, chorus, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, middle eighth, chorus. (No distinctive solo) The song uses drums, various brass instruments, vocals and bass. All instruments in the song fit together and jell nicely together, and the abrupt pauses all fit well together.

The Difference?  Blues is a style of music that evolved from Southern African-American irreligious songs and it’s usually distinguished by a 4/4 rhythm, flatted thirds and sevenths or a 12 bar structure.  RnB was developed by African American Artists. The various styles were based on a associating of European influences with jazz rhythms and tonal variations, particularly syncopation and the flatted blues chords.

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