BlueBehavior and Virtual Classes - Seven Summary Slides

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Information about BlueBehavior and Virtual Classes - Seven Summary Slides

Published on March 2, 2016

Author: uramsing


1. VirtualClassesKey Points & Agenda 2. Real World Demand 3. Multi-layered Solution 4. Highly Relevant Niche 5. Truly Virtual Classroom 6. Needed User Hardware 7. Top10 Existing Classes 8. Advantage Summary 9+ Bonus: Recent class, case and ABC... 16-03-02 Virtual Class Intro 1

2. Real World Demand Mantra: Train not Travel ... and far less traffic 16-03-02 Virtual Class Intro 2

3. Multilayered Solution Blended Learning towards New WoW 16-03-02 Virtual Class Intro 3Se also the ABC of international program design... LocationClassVirtualClassE-Learning Tech Trial Pre-requisite foundation Kick-off Dialogue- and Exercise Module(s) Essential Skills Topic Challenge Project Work Final Deliveries Case- and Networking Brush-up and Ad-hoc New WoW

4. Highly relevant “niche” Ability to be personally, meaningfully and effectively present as a trainer and facilitator across physical barriers. = the missing piece in truly blended learning 16-03-02 Virtual Class Intro 4

5. Truly Virtual Classroom* Tons of new opportunities • Managing the mike • Sharing webcam • Raising hands • Feedback chat • Quick 1-page polls • Taking tests • Live whiteboard • Sharing screens • Receiving eval 16-03-02 Virtual Class Intro 5 *in most CRD portals

6. Needed User Hardware What they already have: Sound, sight & speed: Headset, Camera & 700 kbps + ‘turtle” if working in groups 16-03-02 Virtual Class Intro 6

7. Top10 Existing Classes TAO Leadership – interpersonal time, agreements and observations Giving and Receiving Feedback – appreciating gifts and keeping cool 4M Communication – message, motivation, media and manners Distance Leadership – delivering leadership across all distances Individual Efficiency – prioritization, planning, getting things done Cross Cultural Collaboration – working and leveraging differences Risk Management – identification, appreciation and mitigation Stakeholders – matched and meaningful project reporting Skill/Will – matching leadership to needs of specific tasks AEM Cubes – personal insight in preferences and innovation 16-03-02 Virtual Class Intro 7 Roughly 60 min each

8. Connect resources to learning... ... without complexity or cost Virtual Class Summary 16-03-02 Virtual Class Intro 8 Flexibility Efficiency Granularity • Meet more often, without travelling • Fits daily schedule • Instantly ready • Facilitated dialogue • Collaboration tools • Monitored and measurable • Ideal for applied learning / case work • Topic focus rather than long days

9. Thank You All questions to Ulrik Ramsing +45 60 70 79 60 And, yes – even with all the wonders of e-Learning, virtual classes and fabulous facilities it is still relevant to take the learning out in to the field... 16-03-02 DONG Energy Windpower HSE, ©URA 9On assignment offshore in the North Sea

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