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Published on September 25, 2008

Author: aSGuest169


Blue Sky group presentation : Blue Sky group presentation Spectra features Francesca, Francesco, Igor, Piotr, Raffaella Slide 2: Italian: Ecco a voi la stupefacente, meravigliosa e sconvolgente presentazione del famoso gruppo “Cielo Azzurro” German: Wunderbarer Blauhimmelgruppenvortrag French: Maintenant on y va avec l`une des meilleures présentations du fameux grouppe “Ciel Bleu” Hungarian: A „Kek Eg” csoport csodalatos eloadasa Polish: Zaskakująca i zachwycająca prezentacja grupy “Błękitne Niebo” Slide 3: ? ? ? Slide 4: Tunisia desert Clear Sky Ocean Etna Plume Snow Cloud-day AIRS Investigated areas : Investigated areas Slide 6: AIRS Spectra from around the Globe 20-July-2002 Ascending LW_Window Slide 8: Here the temperature is lower in the window than in the H2O band: Signature of cold surface and dry atmosphere Here the flatness indicates that it could be either snow /ice, or night Low BT points to snow/ice Here two windows channel at similar level exclude desert land Day? Night? Desert? Ice/Snow? 31 29 23 Low surface temp. Very dry atmosphere Slide 9: Polar ice, very low temperature Polar coastline Comparison with modis ice/snow pseudochannels : Comparison with modis ice/snow pseudochannels 31-29: snow surfaces have same Tb 31-23: Snow surfaces have small negative difference of Tb Our conclusion : Our conclusion Probably ice/snow, clear, very cold, hard to say day/night. (Polar bear chattering with teeth) Slide 13: Land? Ocean? This BT difference may be due to bare soil (desert): see picture 31 32 29 Relatively low surface temperature Night or lack of clouds (water clouds) Tunisia desert - AIRS spectra : Tunisia desert - AIRS spectra No clouds Daytime Slide 16: 31-29 over desert (red surfaces) Sea, land with vegetation (blue surfaces) 31-32: difference over desert is close to 0 Thin clouds (cirrus) brighter 11m - 8.6 m 11 m - 12 m Slide 17: Our conclusion Probably night, desert, and presence of cirrus clouds. (Muffled sounds of camel hoofs coming from a distance) Slide 18: Daytime, due to the steep slope from reflected sun radiation: this is very high, so it could be thick clouds, or clouds composed by small droplets (high reflectivity). Presence of clouds: we see that it is ice clouds, because otherwise it would not be so steep 31 32 23 29 Slide 19: AIRS spectra over cloudy area Sun reflection Low temperature Slide 20: 31-32 29-31 23-31 High cloud with ice particles on the top well presented Broken clouds and low water clouds better detected Thin clouds well detected Thick high clouds not detected Our conclusion : Our conclusion Daytime, probably two layers of clouds, or broken clouds (where we have both ice and water droplet) Final decision High cirrus over a low cloud at the daytime Slide 22: Clear sky over the sea - AIRS spectra High temperature, similar in all windows Slide 23: Etna plume: Brightness Temperature Spectra SO2 plume from Etna - AIRS spectra Characteristic slopes of window channels

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