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Published on April 4, 2012

Author: jayapulipeta



PowerPoint Presentation: PRESENTED BY: JAYALAXMI.P MCA 3/3 BLUE BRAIN TECHNOLOGY PowerPoint Presentation: 1 INTRODUCTION 2 WHAT IS BLUE BRAIN 3 WHAT IS VIRTUAL BRAIN 4 FUNCTION OF NATURAL BRAIN 5 BRAIN SIMULATION 6 CURRENT RESEARCH WORK 7 ADVANTAGES 8 DISADVANTAGE 9 HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS 10 CONCLUSION CONTENTS PowerPoint Presentation: Human brain, the most valuable creation of God. The man is called intelligent because of the brain. But we loss the knowledge of a brain when the body is destroyed after the death . “BLUE BRAIN”- The name of the world’s first virtual brain. That means a machine that can function as human brain. Is it really possible to create a human brain?- “YES", INTRODUCTION PowerPoint Presentation: The IBM is now developing a virtual brain known as the BLUE BRAIN. The main aim is to upload human brain into machine. Within 30 years, we will be able to scan ourselves into the computers. WHAT IS BLUE BRAIN? PowerPoint Presentation: A machine that can function as brain. It can take decision. It can think. It can response. It can keep things in memory. WHAT IS VIRTUAL BRAIN? PowerPoint Presentation: Sensory Input :- Receiving input such as sound ,image, etc through sensory cell . Interpretation:- Interpretation of the received input by the brain by defining states of neurons in the brain. Motor Output:- Receiving of electric responses from the brain to perform any action . FUNCTIONING OF BRAIN PowerPoint Presentation: INPUT Through the natural neurons INTERPRETATION By different states of the neurons in the brain INPUT Through the silicon chip or artificial neurons INTERPRETATION By a set of bits in the set of register BRAIN SIMULATION NATURAL BRAIN SIMULATED BRAIN PowerPoint Presentation: OUTPUT Through the natural neurons. PROCESSING Through arithmetic and logical calculations MEMORY Through permanent states of neurons OUTPUT Through the silicon chip . PROCESSING Through arithmetic and logical calculation and artificial intelligen ce MEMORY Through Secondary memory PowerPoint Presentation: The uploading is possible by the use of small robots known as the nanobots . These robots are small enough to travel throughout our circulatory system. Traveling into the spine and brain, they will be able to monitor the activity and structure of our central nervous system. UPLOADING HUMAN BRAIN PowerPoint Presentation: Nanobots could also carefully scan the structure of our brain, providing a complete readout of the connection. This information, when entered into a computer, could then continue to function as us. Thus the data stored in the entire brain will be uploaded into the computer . PowerPoint Presentation: IBM developing the “Blue brain” IBM, in partnership with scientists at Switzerland’s Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne’s(EPFL) Brain and Mind Institute will begin simulating the brain’s biological systems. RESEARCH WORK PowerPoint Presentation: Remembering things without any effort. Making decision without the presence of a person. Using intelligence of a person after the death. Understanding the activities of animals. Allowing the deaf to hear via direct nerve stimulation . ADVANTAGES PowerPoint Presentation: We become dependent upon the computer. Others may use technical knowledge against us. DISADVANTAGES PowerPoint Presentation: A Super computer Memory with a very large storing capacity Processor with a very high processing power. A very wide network. Very powerful Nanobots to act as the interface between the natural brain and the computer HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE REQUIRMENT PowerPoint Presentation: It requires further time for technology to increase. We will be able to transfer ourselves into computers at some point. CONCLUSION PowerPoint Presentation: QUERIES PowerPoint Presentation: THANK U

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