Blood vessels of upper limb - pdf lecture notes by Dr.N.Mugunthan

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Information about Blood vessels of upper limb - pdf lecture notes by Dr.N.Mugunthan

Published on November 25, 2016

Author: MUGUNTHANDrMugunthan


1. Lecture By Dr.N.Mugunthan.MBBS,MS,DNB,MNAMS,PhD,MBA(Hosp.Adm.) Associate Professor, MGMCRI.

2. * 1. Origin, termination, branches & clinical relevance of axillary, brachial, ulnar & radial artery 2. Formation & branches of superficial and deep palmar arch 3. Formation, course, termination & clinical relevance of cephalic vein and basilic vein 4. Communications & clinical relevance of median cubital vein © Dr.N.Mugunthan

3. *Axillary artery *Origin: begins at the lateral border of the 1st rib as the continuation of the subclavian artery *Termination: at the inferior border of the teres major and becomes the brachial artery © Dr.N.Mugunthan

4. * *Divided into 3 parts by the pectoralis minor *I part : located between the lateral border of the 1st rib and the medial border of the pectoralis minor. Branch: 1. Superior thoracic artery © Dr.N.Mugunthan

5. * *II part : lies posterior to pectoralis minor Branches: 1. Thoracoacromial artery 2. Lateral thoracic artery © Dr.N.Mugunthan

6. * *III part : extends from the lateral border of pectoralis minor to the inferior border of teres major. Branches: 1. Anterior circumflex humeral artery 2. Posterior circumflex humeral artery 3. Subscapular artery © Dr.N.Mugunthan

7. * *Anastomosis between axillary artery and subclavian artery takes place around the scapula © Dr.N.Mugunthan

8. *Brachial artery Formation: *Continuation of axillary artery Extent: *Lower border of teres major to neck of radius Termination : *Divides into radial & ulnar artery © Dr.N.Mugunthan

9. *Brachial artery cont…. Branches : *Profunda brachi artery *Muscular branches *Nutrient artery *Superior & inferior ulnar collateral artery *2 terminal branches – radial & ulnar artery © Dr.N.Mugunthan

10. *Applied anatomy of brachial artery *Pulsation of brachial artery can be felt or auscultated in the cubital fossa *Compress the brachial artery to control hemorrhage is medial to the humerus near the middle of the arm *Anastomosis around the elbow joint © Dr.N.Mugunthan

11. *Arteries of forearm Radial artery (smaller) Ulnar artery (larger) Radial artery: *Origin – one of terminal branch of brachial artery *Course : (superficial) Cubital fossa Convex course in forearm-laterally Anatomical snuff box © Dr.N.Mugunthan

12. * Relations: Anteriorly : brachioradialis (upper part) Skin,super.fascia & deep fascia (lower part) Posteriorly: supinator,pronator teres,flexor digitorum superficialis,flexor pollicis longus,pronator quadratus & lower end of radius © Dr.N.Mugunthan

13. * Medially: pronator teres (upper) Flexor carpi radialis(lower) Laterally: brachioradialis & radial nerve (middle 1/3) Artery accompanied by a pair of venae comitantes © Dr.N.Mugunthan

14. *Branches of Radial artery in the forearm Radial recurrent artery Muscular branches Palmar carpal branch Superficial palmar branch © Dr.N.Mugunthan

15. * © Dr.N.Mugunthan

16. *Ulnar artery Origin – one of terminal branch of brachial artery Course : (deep) Cubital fossa Oblique course (upper),vertical (lower)course in forearm -medially Continues in the palm as superficial palmar arch © Dr.N.Mugunthan

17. *Relations of ulnar artery Anteriorly: pronator teres, flexor carpi radialis, palmaris longus,flexor digitorum superficialis& flexor carpi ulnaris (upper part) Skin,super.fascia & deep fascia(lower part) Posteriorly: brachialis & flexor digitorum profundus Medially: ulnar nerve & flexor carpi ulnaris Laterally : flexor digitorum superficialis Artery accompanied by a pair of venae comitantes © Dr.N.Mugunthan

18. *Branches of ulnar artery in the forearm Ant.& post. ulnar recurrent arteries Common interosseous artery 1. Anterior interosseous artery 2. Posterior interosseous artery Muscular branches Palmar & dorsal carpal branch © Dr.N.Mugunthan

19. * Formation: *Medial -direct continuation of ulnar artery *Lateral - by superficial branch of radial artery or its branches *Course: Curves laterally deep to palmar aponeurosis and superficial to long flexor tendons © Dr.N.Mugunthan

20. * *Branches: *4 digital palmar arteries *1st – medial side of little finger *2nd, 3rd, 4th –common palmar digital arteries © Dr.N.Mugunthan

21. * Formation: *Lateral-direct continuation of radial artery *Medial - by deep branch of ulnar artery *Course: Curves medially, deep to long flexor tendons & is in contact with bases of metacarpals © Dr.N.Mugunthan

22. * *Branches: *3 palmar metacarpal arteries *3 proximal perforating arteries *3 distal perforating arteries *Recurrent branch © Dr.N.Mugunthan

23. **Formation: lateral aspect of the dorsal venous arch *Termination: axillary vein *Course & relations: *Ascends in the subcutaneous tissue along the lateral border of the wrist and the anterolateral surface of the proximal forearm and arm * Courses superiorly between the deltoid and pectoralis major along the deltopectoral groove *Pierces the clavipectoral fascia and joins with axillary vein © Dr.N.Mugunthan

24. * *Communications: *In the cubital fossa communicates with the median cubital vein, which passes obliquely and joins the basilic vein. © Dr.N.Mugunthan

25. **Formation: medial end of the dorsal venous arch *Termination: continues as axillary vein @ lower border of teres major *Course & relations: *Ascends in the subcutaneous tissue along the medial side of the forearm and the inferior part of the arm *Passes deeply near the junction of the middle and inferior thirds of the arm piercing the brachial fascia and running superiorly parallel to the brachial artery and continues as axillary vein© Dr.N.Mugunthan

26. * *Communicating vein *Located in front of the cubital fossa *Connecting the cephalic vein (lateral) with basilic vein (medial) *Runs upwards & medially in the cubital fossa in front of bicipital aponeurosis © Dr.N.Mugunthan

27. * *Used for venipuncture (collecting blood & injecting drugs) *Bicipital aponeurosis separates it from brachial artery *This vein is fixed by perforator vein joining with deep vein passing through bicipital aponeurosis © Dr.N.Mugunthan

28. * Origin, termination, branches & clinical relevance of - Axillary, brachial, ulnar & radial artery Formation, course and termination of cephalic and basilic vein Applied anatomy of median cubital vein © Dr.N.Mugunthan

29. *

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