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Information about blood smear

Published on March 9, 2009

Author: cindynarak


Blood smear interpretation : Blood smear interpretation Chittima Sirijerachai ?????????????????????? : ?????????????????????? Slide 3: ?????????????????????? Slide 4: ?????????????????????? Slide 5: Rouleaux formation ????????????????????????????? Slide 6: autoagglutination Slide 7: ??????????????????????????? Normochromic normocytic RBC : Normochromic normocytic RBC Slide 9: Hypochromic microcytic Slide 10: Anisocytosis, poikilocytosis Slide 13: Acanthocyte Slide 15: ovalucyte Slide 18: Hypochromic microcytic Slide 19: Iron deficiency anemia Slide 20: thalassemia Slide 21: Thalassemia Slide 22: Thalassemia Slide 25: Thalassemia Slide 27: AIHA Slide 28: microangiopathic hemolytic anemia MAHA Slide 29: B thal / Hb E post splenectomy Slide 31: Intravascular hemolysis Slide 33: G-6-PD deficiency with acute hemolysis Slide 35: Hereditary spherocytosis Slide 36: Hypersegmented neutrophil Slide 37: Megaloblastic anemia Slide 38: Basophilic stippling Slide 39: Cabot ring Slide 40: Chronic renal failure Slide 41: Pancytopenia Slide 42: Hypoplastic marrow Slide 43: Thrombocytopenia Slide 45: Rouleaux formation Slide 46: Multiple myeloma Slide 48: Nuclear-cytoplasmic a synchronism Slide 49: Megaloblastic anemia Slide 51: Metastatic carcinoma Slide 56: Transform lymphocyte Slide 57: Leucocytosis Neutrophil with toxic granule Slide 58: Leukocytosis with left shift thrombocytosis Slide 59: Chronic myelocytic leukemia CML Slide 60: Leucocytosis, mature lymphocyte Chronic lymphocytic leukemia - CLL Slide 61: Bone marrow - CLL Slide 62: Lymphoblast Slide 63: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia -ALL Slide 64: Bone marrow - ALL Slide 65: Acute lymphoblastic leukemia - ANLL Slide 66: Acute monoblastic leukemia - AMoL Slide 68: thrombocytopenia Viral infection

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