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Published on July 18, 2012

Author: cordar



Blogging and Social Media for Lawyers: With Ethics

Blogging andSocial Media Cordell M. Parvin 1

Client Development Principles 2

GettingHi Getting Hiredre Trust and Rapportdin Client Meetingsa Recommendationsnuts Relationships Weak Tieshel Credibilityl Visibility

Client Development Tools 4


Traditional Law Firm Marketing1. Brochures2. Email Alerts3. Websites / Branding 6

Traditional Law Firm Marketing “Push-Tactic” 7

What Has Changed?ClientsEconomyTechnology 8

Law Firm Marketing Today Today it’syou know, who knows It’s not what you know, who what you know 9

Clients and Referral SourcesNeed to FindYou and What You Know 10

Social Media-Tool to Engage People 12

Tool to Expand Weak Tie ReachStrong-Tie Buzz Weak-Tie Buzz 13

Marketing Guru Seth Godin 14


Social Media Marketing “Pull-Tactic” 16

Why Use Social Media2011GeometricallyExpanded bySocial Media Weak Tie Buzz (Eyeballs) Reach 17

Wine and Social Media Guru Gary Vaynerchuk 18


Social Media New survey data reveals that more than 70 percent of lawyers are members of an online social network 20

Why Use Social Media Reduces Luck Factor 21

Why Use Social MediaTool to Listen and Monitor What Impacts Clients 22



Why Use Social MediaLevels Playing Field For Younger Lawyers 25

Why Use Social MediaA Tool To Show You Are the Expert 26

Lizzette Zubey-Asst. GC Microchip “We are looking for counsel that knows our industry, our business and is an expert in the niche area we need help in. Cost is an afterthought.” 27

Why Use Social Media 28

Why Use Social MediaForces You to Create Valuable Content 29

Why Use Social MediaImprove Writing and Communication Skills 30

Why Use Social MediaProvides a Way to Get Feedback 31

Why Use Social Media Opportunities to Lead 32

Why Use Social MediaReduces or Eliminates Blast Email 33

Why Use Social MediaContent Available 24/7 34

Why Use Social MediaEfficient & Effective Way to Stay in Touch 35

How Clients BenefitResearch Lawyer / Law Firm 36

How Clients BenefitIndustry Knowledge / Lawyer Speciality 37

How Clients BenefitSense of Personality / Rapport 38

How Clients BenefitCompare Lawyers / Law Firms 39

How Clients BenefitSize of Firm / Experience of Lawyer 40

How Clients BenefitChoose What to Read/Review 41

How Clients BenefitLearn to Avoid Problems / Identify Opportunities 42

How Clients BenefitLegal Slant on Business Topic 43

How Clients BenefitWhat Are Others Saying About Lawyer 44

How Clients BenefitInformed Decision When Hiring 45

How to Make Social Media Work Customer Plus-Delta Napsterize Knowledge Build the Buzz Create Community Make Bite-Size Chunks Create a Cause Create Client Evangelists 46

Interact ConnectDisseminate Organize Locate 47

Locate and Organize - Google Reader 48

Locate and Organize 49

Disseminate - Feeddler 50

Disseminate-HootSuite 51

Locate Organize and Disseminate-Zite 52

How to Make Social Media WorkUse to Build and Maintain Relationships 53

How to Make Social Media Work Teach Do Not Sell 54

How to Make Social Media Work Distribute Valuable Content 55

Three Essential PointsValuable Content Presented/Written Well 56

Three Essential PointsSocial Media forWide Distribution 57

How to Make Social Media Work Expand Weak Ties 58




What is a Blog? 62






BLOGS James Gannon Toronto, 2d Yr.

Travis CrabtreeBLOGS 69

BLOGS Staci Riordan 70



FacebookFACEBOOK 73

FacebookFACEBOOK 74



LINKEDIN Joshua Horn 77


TWITTER Joshua Horn 79

TWITTER Chris Cheatham Twitter 80

John Boscariol Toronto81

Social Media Ethics

Social Media Ethicsthe Commission concluded that no new restrictions are necessary in this area, butthat lawyers would benefit from more guidance on how to use new clientdevelopment tools in a manner that is consistent with the profession’s core values. 84

Social Media EthicsDon’t Blow Client Confidences

Social Media Ethics EducateDon’t Give Legal Advice

Social Media Ethics Don’t Allow Perception ofAttorney Client Relationship

Social Media Ethics Use Disclaimers

Social Media EthicsDon’t Mislead - Your Capabilities

Social Media Ethics Don’t Solicit Work

Social Media EthicsDon’t Violate Conflict of Interest Rules

Social Media EthicsDon’t Violate Unauthorized Practice of Law Rules

Your Next StepsIncorporate Social into BD Plan and Strategy for Your Group 93

Your Next StepsListen to Clients 94

Your Next StepsCreate Valuable Content 95

Your Next Steps Develop Weak Tie Relationships 96

Your Next StepsCreate Client Evangelists 97

Blogging andSocial Media Cordell M. Parvin 98

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