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Published on October 19, 2018

Author: compassdental


slide 1: Why is dentist use laughing gas Nitrous oxide was first discovered by an English scientist named Joseph Priestly in 1793 though it wasn’t acknowledged for its medical potential until 1844. In the 1960s it became a mainstay of dental anesthesia and has been commonly used ever since Laughing gas or nitrous oxide is a safe and effective sedative agent that can help you relax during your dental procedure. What is Laughing Gas Used for Unfortunately dental anxiety keeps many people from visiting their dentist for much-needed work. If you’re one of them you’ll be happy to know that laughing gas can help you feel comfortable and relaxed. While the term “laughing gas” may call to mind cartoon-like hijinks it’s actually a highly effective sedation option that keeps patients calm during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide sometimes referred to as “laughing gas” is an odorless gas that can do wonders to reduce anxiety especially in children or adults who have previously had a bad experience in the dentist’s chair. It comes with very little risk but it still needs serious consideration. Before you choose to use laughing gas either for your child or yourself it is important to determine if it is the best course to ease the anxiety that can come with a dental visit. The most commonly employed technique used in conscious sedation dentistry is inhalation sedation slide 2: with nitrous oxide and oxygen N20-02 or "laughing gas". It is estimated that approximately 35 of U.S. dentists use this technique to relieve pain and dental anxiety. Laughing gas is completely safe when administered by a professional. There’s a reason why nitrous oxide has been a popular anesthetic for so long. Inhalation of the gas is perfectly safe and has no impact on the brain lungs kidneys heart or liver. The gas does cause disorienting effects so tripping and falling is possible if you get up too quickly though its effects only last a few minutes after the mask has been removed. Dentists use laughing gas for a number of reasons. Nitrous oxide can be advantageous in many circumstances. For starters this anesthetic is great for use with pediatric patients as this enables them to relax and more easily cooperate. Similarly it works well for patients with mental or physical disabilities or for those with a lower pain tolerance as it can reduce the pain and stress of certain dental procedures. After about 2-3 minutes you can expect the nitrous oxide to take full effect. You’ll feel a slight tingling sensation and general numbness throughout the body. Laughing gas essentially puts you in a dreamlike state but you’ll still be able to answer questions and communicate with your dentist if need be. Once the procedure is complete the gas exits your body as you breathe completing the process in about 3-5 minutes. There are no hangover effects to this anesthetic so you’ll be able to drive home after the procedure Some of the minor side effects of using laughing gas include: • vomiting • lightheadedness • headache slide 3: • shivering or sweating • increased drowsiness What Will I Experience If I Have a Dental Procedure Done with Laughing Gas When you’re sedated with laughing gas you’ll remember little from the procedure. Generally patients who have been given laughing gas experience: • Warm tingling sensations particularly in the arms and legs • Feelings of well-being and euphoria patients may feel as if they’re floating • Sleepiness and difficulty keeping their eyes open Because of those warm positive sensations our patients find nitrous oxide is excellent for helping them overcome fear and anxiety during dental procedures. Effects of Nitrous Oxide The dentist will ask the patient to inhale normally and let the effects of nitrous oxide take over the body. After a short time the patient can feel an unusual feeling and itch in the arms and legs. A person who inhaled Nitrous Oxide will experience the following: • Slow speaking • Difficulty in maintaining his or her balance • Slow response to the questions • Immune from pain loud noises and speech • Feel calm and comfortable Once the process is done the effects of the gas disappear quickly and don’t have any harmful effects on teeth. Call us today Welcome to Compass Dental Associates in Taylors SC Our Doctors are experienced skilled comprehensive dentists for all ages. They are affordable friendly call us. We provide affordable treatment of Sedation Dentistry in Taylors Restorative Dentistry in Taylors SC 29687 Periodontal Taylors SC Family Dentistry Taylors SC Dentist in Wade Hampton. Publix Shopping Center2801 Wade Hampton Blvd.Taylors SC 29687 slide 4: NO. 8642926050 /

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