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Published on September 29, 2013

Author: carmenmariedjemalian



Blog2Heal is a new project to go from Stuck to Fabulous and Rocking a Career you can love! This presentation offers the advantages of blogging as a tool in the healing process, with an invitation to join the Thinkshop webinars for more.

Get UNSTUCK, Feel FABULOUS & ROCK a career you can love! Blog2Heal

My reality… How do I feel inside?  I feel broken, I’m not happy and I don’t know why... I feel depressed  I try not to show that I am crumbling inside... I feel like crying all the time  I know my life can be so much better  I don’t know where to start  HELP!

Things that make me feel unhappy...  My relationships (with my spouse or other)  My job / career / business  My financial situation  My health  My weight  Other. . .

I believe I have potential  I am a great listener and I help others often (even though I don’t seem to be able to help myself)  I am a passionate person, I know I deserve to live a fuller life  I can take on a challenge, I am willing to try something new to change my life around

Have you tried Journaling?  Writing in a Journal...  Helps you uncover hidden emotions  Helps you vent negative emotions, get them out of your system  Helps you analyze situations  Helps you make sense of events and of your reactions to these  Helps you move on...

However there are limitations to Journaling  Writing in a Journal...  Allows you to hide behind your page  Allows you to stay in denial  Allows you to stay in your comfort zone  Keeps you safe from feedback  Keeps you to yourself without support

Let’s pick it up a notch with Blogging!  Blogging...  Allows you to come out of hiding, find out you are not alone (and allow others to find that out too!)  Pushes you to be real / honest  Expands your comfort zone  Allows you to get valuable feedback  Allows you to get the support you need!

Some things to blog about  Without opening your whole personal life to the public...  Gratitude  Lessons learned  Overcoming struggles  How to’s for improvement  Self-help book/audio reviews  Conference/speaker/program reviews Just to name a few...

Having fun with your blog!  Have FUN while you HEAL  Gain CONFIDENCE  Become the REAL you and show yourself to the world!  Create challenges  Do quick and fun videos  Include your friends/spouse/kids  Add links to buy a book, to purchase an event ticket, etc (make $$)  Interact with your growing audience on social networks

Why am I telling you this?  I unknowingly blogged to heal and it worked! I want to teach you how!  Let’s shorten your learning curve, it’s easier and more fun than you think!  Let’s show you the easiest and most efficient way of going through the healing process  Let’s give you the gift I received 3 years ago... Blogging saved my life more than once. I have discovered its power... Let me show you how it can help you too.

I went through the grind so you don’t have to  I learned blogging from scratch, I spent thousands of dollars to learn the ins and outs, so you won’t need to spend extra money on getting started.  I tried, I made mistakes, I learned what works best to move forward so you won’t fall down like I did.  I found a supportive environment I want to share with you. I was alone for the greater part and I realize now how instrumental my circle is for my healing and growth. Blogging transformed my life. It can transform yours in half the time. You deserve a better life, your loved-ones, your children, deserve a better, happier you.

Why blog?  To stop the pain, to heal old wounds while you learn and share your new-found knowledge with others  To improve your relationships (including the one with yourself!)  To rediscover yourself your strengths, your passions  To gain confidence  To get the support you need  To expand your comfort zone, your abilities and your goals for a better future  BONUS: To build an online business make an extra income from home while helping others with your message of hope!

Introducing your new best friend!

How will you benefit from Blog2Heal?  Blog2Heal is all about holistic healing  Get the support you need from our amazing circle of friends and team  Learn and grow, to re-discover yourself and your true potential  Dismantle beliefs that no longer serve you so you can break free to be the best version of YOU  Get the tools to help others using your own unique gifts (you learn best by teaching)

What is Blog2Heal?  Blog2Heal is a project founded by TheNewHappyMe  It unites bloggers with a mission to heal in a fun, loving and supportive environment, from the comfort of your home  It uses a « dummy-proof » blogging platform (by Empower Network)  BONUS group coaching! As well as a variety of online resources to help you Blog2Heal.

Want more info about Blog2Heal? Join our Thinkshop webinars to learn more! Find out how you can gain access to over $2000 of value for just $25 a month! Click here to get the date/time of the next scheduled webinar

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WilliamOn | 25/03/15
Enjoy your blog ) my blog

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