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Information about BlockBanc - Who We Are

Published on September 16, 2020

Author: KelgheDcruz


1. BlockBanc BlockBanc.aiHarnessing the power of Ai to make DeFi SIMPLE - SMART - SECURE

2. The power of Decentralized Technology with Centralized Simplicity

3. Non-Custodial Multi-Chain Wallet

4. Buy Crypto directly on the app

5. Keep Track of assets and where you store them

6. Purchase Gift Cards with your Crypto

7. Get an Instant Market Valuation

8. UNISWAP Trading on the app UNISWAP Powered by

9. The Latest´┐Ż Crypto news from all your favorite sources

10. Learn what's New in Crypto

11. Send and Receive Assets

12. Simple Wallet Backup and Restore facility

13. Ai prototype to guide you through the application

14. FULL ERC-20 Supported Wallet

15. Pin code system with Fingerprint authentication Built using the best practices in Cyber Security

16. And there's more to come

17. Ai Assistant & Trading Advisor

18. Ai Trading Strategies

19. Lending and Interest Bearing Platform

20. Exchange Integrators and Smart Order Routing System

21. Ai Security Asset Monitoring ...and more!


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