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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: JeganSelvarajLION


BRAND PROTECTION & ANTI-COUNTERFEITING SOLUTION A total technology platform for brand protection. A brief overview of how the Digital Mass Encryption (DME) technology works for anti-counterfeiting. © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

Media Reports … © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

An evolution in product coding — Digital Mass Encryption (DME) ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGIES ARE SOFTWARE BASED • • • Centralized secured computer center Proprietary encryption & decryption algorithm Result — encrypted alphanumeric UID codes are generated KEY FEATURES • • • Each individual purchasable item has its own separate code Codes can be applied in all manufacturing formats; high volumes Coded products allow validation by consumers, agents, etc. FUNDAMENTAL BENEFITS • • • • Code validation by encryption only — no database involved! Removes all security concerns (external and internal) Extreme performance and response times Significant cost savings at high volumes © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

Brand Protection All roads start with product serialization • Each individual product has its own unique ID (UID) • Easy to apply in most manufacturing processes • Once products are serialized, complete anti-counterfeiting protection is enabled. • Other offerings available to brand owner - consumer marketing and supply chain management. © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

The Unique Serial numbers (UID) generated by server are placed on products in two ways Script form 2D barcode h3kcn8idm1na8fb Each 2D barcode contains a unique serial code and secure link to Servers. m48caz0gm4lms5j 7ba3qem5id2nd9m • alphanumeric code • easily readable by consumers • each and every item will have its own unique serial number (UID) India • Canada • Malaysia • • • • international standard (widely in use now) harmonize with emerging global standards verification efficiency with barcode readers combat counterfeiting & parallel imports © Blisslogix Technology Solutions. All rights reserved. © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

Production place Server Web Option 1 — direct printing • 2D barcode + UID generated and transferred for printing • a unique code is printed directly onto each saleable item UID IMPLEMENTATION Option 2 — affixing labels • 2D barcode printed directly upon labels • coded label applied on package; instructions for authentication © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

Consumer Empowerment for Brand Protection Point of Sale verification through SMS or 2D barcode reader app using camera in mobile devices with Internet capability Bounce-back Message • Code Valid Message • Code NOT valid Message © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

The DME advantage PATENTED ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGY (DME) • • • Eliminates database storage of codes Extreme performance; low cost; unparalleled security Integrated with 2D barcode technology & GS1 standards Flexible implementation options • • • Direct package printing or label application ON-LINE or OFF-LINE code transfer options Customized software offers the ultimate in data security Diverse and powerful application features • • • Consumer empowerment for point-of-sale validation on a global scale Instant authentication of package at any level through a single application Track & Trace enabling to meet local and global requirements Customized Track & Trace implementation • • • Proprietary parent-child hierarchy building software Full turn-key plant-level installation to meet all T&T needs And offers a total solution A track-record of success • • • Excellent implementation record Diverse group of partners and collaborators A global company with global reach © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

What can a counterfeiter do to bypass DME-protected brands? IGNORE ALTOGETHER — RELEASE FAKE PRODUCTS WITHOUT ANY CODES • • corporate and consumer surveillance will easily detect counterfeits interdiction risk to counterfeiter, distributor, and retailer Print bogus or arbitrary codes on fake products • • • DME codes are 15-digit alphanumeric — 3615combinations impossible to guess a correct code bogus codes will always fail authentication Obtain many genuine codes and apply individually to fake products • • counterfeiter must first acquire many genuine products extremely cumbersome and difficult — not cost effective Acquire a single genuine code and apply to many fake products • • this is the most likely scenario will not succeed for multiple reasons (next slide) © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

Defeating The Counterfeiter LOGICAL PROTECTION • • • • limit on public authentication consumers are restricted to authentication of any code multiple authentications of same code will raise a flag authentication by security officers does not affect the code FORENSIC PROTECTION • • • • • mobile identity of false SMS authentications provided by Blisslogix source of “same code–multiple authentications” can be identified brand owner (or security agency) can gather intelligence interdiction and enforcement efforts can be initiated at source consumers authenticating the duplicate code will be alerted PSYCHOLOGICAL PROTECTION • • • • retailers will realize the impact of point-of-sale authentication counterfeiters will realize that their supply chain can be divulged both corporate and consumer oversight represents a new dilemma “fear of getting caught” will serve as powerful deterrence © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

India • Canada • Malaysia © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved. © Blisslogix Technology Solutions. All rights reserved.

Solutions for various industries Automotive OEMs (e.g., Fiat, Peugeot, Land Rover) • Anti-counterfeiting, warranty, end-customer loyalty, maintenance schedule adherence program, product recall Auto spare parts & accessories manufacturers (e.g., Michelin, Continental, Yuasa, Johnson Controls, etc.) • Anti-counterfeiting, warranty, mechanics/retailers loyalty program, product recall Consumer electronics, White goods, parts & accessories (e.g., Samsung, Sony, Whirlpool) • Anti-counterfeiting, warranty, consumer loyalty program, promotions, lucky draw Pharma, Medical devices, implants (e.g., GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi, Omron) • Anti-counterfeiting, track-n-trace, product recall, clinical trials, patient adherence program, mobile-based customer authentication India • Canada • Malaysia © Blisslogix Technology Solutions. All rights reserved. © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

Solutions for various industries Printers (e.g., Ricoh, Epson, Brother) • Anti-counterfeiting of printer cartridges, warranty International luxury products (e.g., Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier, Rolex, Ray-Ban) • Anti-counterfeiting Sports goods (e.g., Adidas, Yonex) • Anti-counterfeiting, warranty Food (e.g., Nutella) • Anti-counterfeiting, promotional campaign Beauty products (e.g., L’oreal) • Anti-counterfeiting, consumer loyalty program, promotional campaign © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

Solutions for various industries Beer and common liquor (e.g., Kingfisher, Heineken) • Anti-counterfeiting, promotions, contests and lucky draw Premium liquor (e.g., McDowell’s No.1, Absolut Vodka) • Anti-counterfeiting Watches, Calculators (e.g., Rolex, Casio) • Anti-counterfeiting, warranty Tobacco (PhilipMorris, British American Tobacco) • Anti-counterfeiting, FCTC regulation compliance FMCG (chocolate, chips, biscuits, shampoo, soap, etc.) • New product launch, Promotions, lucky draw, contests Tickets (sports events, cultural events, large parties, etc.) • Eliminate fake tickets and impersonation © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

Solutions for various segments Government • Tax stamps for liquor, tobacco & other contraband / highly taxed products to increase tax collection and to control consumption / usage • Citizen ID cards, Passports, Welfare program card, Land records, birth certificates and any other documents susceptible to faking/duplicating Banks, Insurance and financial institutions • Loan, insurance documents, agreement, valuation records, etc. Universities, colleges, schools and technical training institutes • Prevent faking of degree certificates, mark sheets, etc. Book publishing • Anti-counterfeiting • Enable access to additional content in web, by providing a scratch off label (with a unique number beneath it) in the original books © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

Thank You Bliss AdTech © Bliss AdTech. All rights reserved.

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