Blended learning: Transforming the traditional classroom

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Information about Blended learning: Transforming the traditional classroom

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: ktmartin06


Katie Martin BLENDED LEARNING A guide to transforming the traditional classroom

What is Blended Learning? • Blended learning goes beyond technology integration. It leverages technology to afford students more personalized learning experiences by having control, to some extent, over pace, time, place and path of learning. • Watch the video from the Christiansen Institute on Blended Learning and read about the 4 most common models. •

What are the benefits of Blended Learning? • Design opportunities for students to achieve desired outcomes using mobile devices. • Provide multiple and differentiated pathways • Blended Learning allows teachers to personalize learning and targeted instruction based on their individual needs.

What might Station Rotation Blended Learning look like in a classroom? Station Rotation is the most common in K-5 traditional school. During a designated math or Language arts block, students can rotate between three designated stations in small, differentiated groups.

Sample Activities in Blended Learning Stations

How do I set up a Blended Learning classroom? • Routines and classroom culture are critical to its success. Involving students in the organization, layout and systems will increase buy in and on task behavior. • Students will have to be explicitly taught how to be on- task during their independent work. • These routines should be practiced before students work independently (see example mini lessons). • The teachers must be the designed of the learning experiences and set up stations that support the overall classroom objectives and learning goals.

How might I design my learning space to facilitate Blended Learning?

Design Your Space • Draw a diagram of how you might reconfigure your classroom space to facilitate blended learning. • What would you add? • What might you take away?

How might I select appropriate curricula? • Selecting curricula depends on the purpose, budget and and available resources. • Read the following article and reflect on your Blende Learning goals:10 Steps to Chosing Digital Curriula for Blended Learning

Free Resources • There are a number of free resources that teachers can use to organize and create their own curriculum for blended learning. • The following resources provide examples for: • Math Content • ELA Content • Video Resources • Annotating Apps • Organizing Content

Math Content

ELA Content Students can study and learn spelling and vocabulary words based on their personalized lists.

Video Resources

Organizing Video Content Lessons


Organizing Content Edmodo provides a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content, and access homework, grades and school notices. Activate Instruction is a free personalized learning tool to create and share playlists of digital content

Reflection • Process: How have you deepened your understanding of effective technology integration in through today’s activities? • Content: Which programs or apps do you think will be the most useful to design blended learning opportunities for your students? • Personal: What steps are you going to take in your classroom to design blended learning opportunities?

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