BLDC waterloop technology for supermarket applications

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Information about BLDC waterloop technology for supermarket applications

Published on December 16, 2016

Author: CAREL_group


1. Chillventa 2014 BLDC waterloop technology for supermarket applications Thursday 16. October 2014 Diego Malimpensa

2. • Energy efficiency • Environment respect • Flexibility Retail trends

3. Energy efficiency Traditional system (HFC)  Electronic expansion valves  Modulating compressors  Floating suction and condensing pressure  EC fans  Rail heater modulation  Smooth lines CO2 systems  HPV and RPV valves optimization  Heat reclaim  Parallel compressors  Subcooler  Ejectors (on going) What’s next?? BLDC compressors

4. Environment respect TEWI: Total Equivalent Warming Impact TEWI is a measure of the global warming impact of equipment based on the total related emissions of greenhouse gases during the operation of the equipment and the disposal of the operating fluids at the end-of-life. TEWI takes into account both direct fugitive emissions, and indirect emissions produced through the energy consumed in operating the equipment TEWI = GWP (DIRECT, refrigerant leaks) + GWP (INDIRECT, emissions) Energy efficiencyNatural refrigerant Same leaks, GWP=1 Hermetically sealed units 0 leaks Are there any alternative???

5. Flexibility What is flexibility in retail? Easy change to store layout • More frequent store relayouting • Seasonal or special promotionial moves Greater architectural freedom • Possibility to install in city centres • Less space for machine room High investment recovery of store relocation • Supermarket chain plans modification • Discard no remunerative store Only one possibility: Self Contained Units

6. • Flexibility

7. Flexibility SELF CONTAINED WATERCOOLED UNIT • Possibility to easly move cabinets inside the supermarket: Easy layout change • Easy installation or deinstallation of new/promotional cabinets Flexible sales area • No more need of compressor rack Wider sales area • Critical components fully contained into the cabinet High investment recovery in case in case of store relocation

8. • Flexibility • Environment respect

9. Environment respect Overall charge reduction -80% • No more long refrigerant pipes • Only small and compact refrigerant systems Overall leaks reduction -96% • Factory tested units • Self contained units • Limited charge units • No more welding on field • Reduced on-field installations

10. Environment respect LEAKS reduction Annual leaks rate • Multiplexed system = 10-15% • Packaged chillers = 2-4% • Integral cabinets = 1-2% -85% LEAKS reduction Centralized system r404a Waterloop r410a Direct effect -96%* TEWI -40% *Direct effect -99,9% with CO2 transcritical applications Energy efficiency is the key factor

11. • Flexibility • Environment respect • Energy Efficiency

12. BLDC compressors Brushless DC electric motor (BLDC) are syncronous motors that are powered by a DC electric source via an inverter/switching power supply, which produces an AC electric signal to drive the motor. The rotor part of a brushless motor is a permanent magnet DC brushless motor • The magnets of SPM motors are inside the rotor • Highest efficiency and performances • High speed • Requires a top level BLDC inverter AC asynchronous induction motor • Both compatible with standard on-off technology and inverter use • Good performances only for motors developed specifically for inverter use • Energy waste due to the need to create the rotor magnetic field Energy Efficiency Efficiency improvement: 4-5%

13. BLDC Compressors • Very used in AC domestic applications • Asian manufacturers (Toshiba, Hitachi, SIAM; Mitsubishi, Panasonic, etc) • Specifically designed to be efficient at part load • Very wide speed modulation range 15 ÷ 110rps • Higher cooling capacity due to higher maximum speed • Available in scroll or rotary technology • Available in vertical or horizontal profile (Toshiba) • Limited weight and dimensions • Wide availability with r410a Energy Efficiency

14. Energy Efficiency • Lowest Tev, penalised by the most demanding display • High pressure drops along the pipings • Tev self-adjusts for each case • Comp is always at 100%: • Tair – Tev = constant • Low pressure drops • Tev self-adjusts for each case and cooling load • With Variable speed, Tev is as high as possible, according with Qev • Low pressure drops Stand alone system with variable speed provides an excellent stability and the highest evaporation temperature compatible with the working conditions: it is therefore the most efficient by far

15. • All compressors always at best working conditions • Indivual control of suction and discharge pressure • Lowest pressure difference due to wide modulation range • Reduced compressor cyclings Energy Efficiency • Full control of each individual unit • Optimum food temperature control • Complete control of the system, all information are passed to the right people • Real defrost on demand • COP real time calculation • Preventive diagnostics and maintenance Energy Saving: up to 25% respect traditional system

16. Waterloop design: FREE COOLING Heos sistema • Up to compressor envelope limits • Higher pressure drops, lower cooling capacity • Oversized compressors not perform well at low load

17. • Reduced complexity in on-field installation Heos sistema Other SYSTEM BENEFITS • Reliability increase for factory assembled unit • Limited damages in case of failures • Easy adaptation to every climate • Cabinet cost increasing balanced by reduced installation cost

18. Hall 6 – Stand 104

19. 23 Exhibition Hall 4A Technical Programme Fachprogramm

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