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Published on September 28, 2015

Author: BlazentMktg


1. 1 Is your CMDB brain-dead? How data quality is the key to CMDB success September 16, 2015

2. 2 • In 2015, 80% of respondents in North America and Europe either owned or were about to purchase a CMDB/CMS.* – 50% owned a CMDB/CMS – 23% were about to purchase – This was UP from a similar population in 2013 in which only 52% either owned or had plans to purchase CMDB/CMS • 81% were looking to FEDERATE (up from 76% 2 years ago). * What is the Future of IT Service Management,” EMA, 2015 CMDB Adoption is Up in 2015

3. 3 • Those respondents in ITSM strategies who were EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL were: – 2X more likely to own a CMDB/CMS than “somewhat” or “unsuccessful” ITSM teams • “We were drowning in data. We had $20 million in redundant data. We had redundancies in our discovery tools. One business unit used its own tools. Another business unit used a different set. The CMDB initiative is enabling us to reconcile these differences, and consolidate and optimize our toolsets for the first time ever.” Source: EMA, 2015 CMDB/CMS Success: Drowning in Data

4. 4 • When it came to deploying business services across the public/private cloud mosaic, those who were Extremely Successful were” twice as likely to have a CMDB System Deployed. • * This includes support for: – Understanding the datacenter for visibility and control – Provisioning new services and planning workload migrations – Managing and predicting the impacts of changes on services – Compliance and risk assessments – Software license management * “Optimizing Business Services Across the Cloud Mosaic,” EMA, 2013 A CMDB Supports Successful Move to Cloud

5. 5 Source: EMA, 2015 With Blazent, we’re leveraging 35 different discovery tools in order to get a more cohesive “golden record” for the CMS. This includes desktop security, network management and administration, application dependency mapping, systems management and administration, asset management solutions, and BSM performance management, just to mention a few categories. Dennis Drogseth, EMA Analyst reporting customer survey results Data Quality Comes Before CMDB Success CMDB Data Quality is a tough term to define because it encompasses people, process and technology. We believe the core principles of current, accurate and complete data must be adhered to in order to achieve the highest probability of Service Management success. Mark Thompson, Blazent Director of Product Management

6. Successful CMDB initiatives Require Quality IT Data Blazent Solution Value for IT Big Data 6 True Multi-Source Reconciliation of all Data Sources including 3rd party Dependency tools like ADDM, TADDM CI and Relationship Validation before CMDB population Continuous Data Quality auditing for CIs, Elements, Relationships and Common Reference tables Integration of 3rd party PO Systems and Vendor Line Item data to allow Receiving and Stock Room functions Integration of Cloud Computing Resource Data to CMDB Manage Population of Installed Software and Relationships to Computing Devices

7. Inside The Blazent Solution Data Evolution Data Quality Management Data Governance Operational Validations Software Inventory Analysis Application Performance Dev Ops Distribution Data Center Financial Management Change Management Problem Management Event Management Anti Virus Spreadsheets Software External Cloud Server Monitoring Contract Management MSPs Virtualization Asset Management Discovery Application Dependency Configuration Incident Purchasing Human Resources Security B L A Z E N T D A T A I N T E L L I G E N C E P L A T F O R M Blazent Big Data Engine 7

8. Blazent for CMDB Success • Read the Top Ten Tips for CMDB Success • Listen to a replay of the Webinar • Request a demo of the Blazent solution • Follow us at @blazent 8

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