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Information about BlastomycosisinDogs

Published on November 16, 2007

Author: Elodie


Blastomycosis in Dogs:  Blastomycosis in Dogs L. Joseph Wheat MiraVista Diagnostics, and Alfred M. Legendre University of Tennessee Dept of Veterinary Medicine Epidemiology:  Epidemiology Proximity to water Outdoor activities Beaver dams Small outbreaks “Microfoci” Fungal Stain :  Fungal Stain Clinical Findings & Involved Tissue:  Clinical Findings & Involved Tissue Clinical findings Fever 62% Respiratory 49% Skin lesions 49% Depression 48% Anorexia 44% Ocular 43% Weight-loss 37% CNS 6% Involved tissues Lung 85% Lymph nodes 65% Eye 41% Skin 26% Bone 24% Cutaneous 13% Testes/GU 11% Brain 4% Radiographic Findings:  Radiographic Findings Radiographic findings Nodulo interstit 39% Lymphadenop 29% Interstitial 22% Alveolar 9% Mass 9% Pleural 8% Normal 6% N=115, LSU Cutaneous and Bone Lesions:  Cutaneous and Bone Lesions Other Common Manifestations:  Other Common Manifestations Sensitivity of Cytology:  Sensitivity of Cytology Tissue Node or abscess 52% Eye 7% Tracheal wash 6% Biopsy 9% Bone, node, sub-cutaneous Antigen Detection:  Antigen Detection Antigen and Serology:  Antigen and Serology Antigen % pos Urine 94 Serum 87 Antibody 76 Antigen and Antibody Clearance :  Antigen and Antibody Clearance Antigenuria During Relapse :  Antigenuria During Relapse Sensitivity for Diagnosis:  Sensitivity for Diagnosis Cytology 71-94% Antigen 94% Culture 10-20% Serology 41-83% Approach to Early Diagnosis:  Approach to Early Diagnosis Tracheal washing Aspirate/biopsy lesions Antigen-urine, tracheal aspirates, other fluids Serology Outcome of Treatment :  Outcome of Treatment Improvement in Management:  Improvement in Management Hightened awareness Early diagnosis Antigen, cytology, & serology AmB and Itra for severe disease Itra drug level monitoring Treatment more 4-6 months Monitoring antigen until negative Suppressive therapy if relapse Summary:  Summary Early diagnosis important Histopathology Urinary antigen Amphotericin B and itraconazole Initially for severe cases Itraconazole treatment of choice Determine blood level Four to six months and until antigenuria clears Suppressive therapy if relapse

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