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Published on February 17, 2020

Author: jasonmomoa088


slide 1: Questions you must ask before taking wedding catering Enfield services In your wedding people will forget most of the things. The colour of flowers that are used the wedding car and other things too. The thing that people didnt forget very easily is the food whether it is good or bad. So it is important that you choose reliable wedding catering Enfield services. They not only prepare food for your wedding but help in managing other things too. They make sure that every single guest in your fed properly. Many companies also provide tables on rent stock up the bar and even bake your wedding cake. So when you make your final list of caterers for your wedding you must have to ask some questions from them. Does the company have a license It is an important question and it is better you only hire a company who has a license. As it is the certificate of liability. It is also important that you see whether they have a license for liquor or not if you are planning to serve alcohol at your wedding. Does the company have liability insurance for liquor If you are serving alcohol at your wedding it is important that you make sure the company provide this insurance or not. it is because in wedding guests dont have to pay so they drink more which later cause problems. They get themselves injured or someone else or sometimes damage the property too. In that scenario you stand responsible. So if the company has insurance you will have to pay less in this situation. slide 2: Is the company ready to provide you with previous clients references It is an extremely important question. The reason is that the company will only tell you things that they want too. But the previous clients will tell you the flaws of the company. So it is important that you ask about this to the company and take at least 3 or 4 references. Are the caterers are managing another event to on the same day Asking this question doesnt mean that you should back off from the company who is managing more events. The only thing you need to confirm is that did they have enough staff and will they able to handle your wedding properly or not Does the catering company prefer to use fresh food or frozen Once again it is a key question. It is important to go with a company that prepares food with fresh ingredients. As you dont want your clients to fall ill because of low-quality food. Also the dishes that are cooked using fresh ingredients taste much better. What are the charges or they give any deals Every person who is planning their wedding has a set budget. So you must ask from the company how much they charge for per person. Also ask the company if they give any deals. If yes then it is a very good sign for you. Otherwise compare the charges of each company you have in your list and then choose the one you think is suitable for you. Will they have versatility in their menu You must appoint caterers who have a versatile menu. There is a possibility that a company specialized in one type of cuisine but there are some who provide other options with that too. So ask the company about that as the guests who attend the wedding like have different choices in food and you have to take care of everyone. It is obvious that you dont want any of your guests went back home hungry. Will the staff wear a uniform It is much better if you go with a company whose waiters wear a proper uniform. As it looks much better and professional.

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