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Published on March 9, 2014

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Basic Blackboard 9 Skills

Introduction to Blackboard 9

Table of Contents 1. Blackboard Interface 8. Course Availability 2. Control Panel 9. Additional Resources 3. Add Tools to the Course Menu 4. Add Content in a Content Area 5. Assignments 6. Announcements 7. Contacts

Course Menu- Use the buttons to navigate to various areas of the course. Breadcrumb Trail- A trail of links that tells you where you are in the course Content Window- Content will display here Control Panel- For instructors only- control course options, enter grades and more Content Areas- This is where you will add content and assessments to a course Blackboard Interface

Control Panel The control panel is where you will go to manage your course, including accessing the grade center, setting tool and course availability, and copying a current course into a new one. Search for files you’ve uploaded into Blackboard under Files. Access the tools in your course from Course Tools including discussion boards, emails, and tests. Evaluation allows you to set an early warning system, view course reports, and work with the performance dashboard. The Grade Center is where you will access and work with student grades. Users and Groups allows you to control user availability and create groups. Under Customization, you can make your course available, choose the page where users will enter your course, and control Tool availability. Go to Packages and Utilities to copy or export a course, or import a cartridge or previous course. The Help area has links to help, support and tutorials.

Add Tools to your Course Menu The Course Menu in your Blackboard shell is customizable. If you will be using a tool (like a Journal or Wiki) in your course, consider adding a button to the course menu for students to easily locate. To add a content area or tool to the course menu: 1. Click on the + symbol at the top left 2. Choose the type of area you want to add to the menu 3. Type a name for the new button, and choose the type of tool you want- make sure you click the check box that makes the area available to users 4. The button will show up at the bottom of the course menu- you can move it by clicking and dragging the arrow next to the item

Adding Content to a Content Area • Add content to a course in a content area. The Course Content and Syllabus folders will be in your Course Menu. You can add additional content areas the same way you add course tools. The content you add is the information you want your students to consume. These are things like videos, documents, or pictures. • In the content area, mouse over the Build Content button, and choose the type of content you would like to add. The process for adding files, web links, and videos is similar to that of adding an item. • The Item is the most common type of content. When you add an item, you will need to specify a title. Then, type information into the text box and add files. • Standard options allow you to choose whether or not the item is available, track the number of views, and specify time and date restrictions if you like. • When you are finished, hit submit to add the content. Adding content items will not create a column in your gradebook. The Assessments button is where you can add assignments and tests- these items create assignment links where students can upload or input content, and will create a column in the gradebook.

A d d i n g C o n t e n t Title Here Type information into this text box  Attach files here Specify availability, tracking, and time/date options here Click submit to create the item 

Assignments To create an assignment, go to a Content area, and mouse over the Assessments button. Choose Assignment. Then process for creating an assignment is the same as adding an Item, but there are additional options - You must add points possible to an assignment before you hit submit. To grade student assignment submissions, you will look in the gradebook for this icon: You can click this and choose the attempt you would like to grade for that student. Add Points Possible. You can also choose to add a rubric Click to make the assignment available Specify student attempts here If you set date limitations, make sure the availability is clicked above. Set a due date and time Hit submit when done

Announcements Announcements are a way to let your students know what is going on. They are good for communication in between classes, directions, and general information. When you create an announcement, an email will be sent to your students at their Jeffco email address. To create an announcement, click on Announcements in the course menu, then click on Create Announcement. Then add a subject, and type your message in the text box. Finally, choose your date restrictions, and click submit to create the announcement. Add a subject Type your announcement in this text box Choose date restrictions (or click Not Date Restricted) Click to send an email immediately Click browse to add a link to another area of the course if you like Click submit to create

Contacts The contacts button can be used to provide your contact information, office hours and other information about you to your students. • Click on the Faculty Information button in the Course Menu. • Choose Create Contact. • If you choose to insert a picture, make sure it displays properly. • Fill out the form, and hit submit. Insert contact information here Type office location here Type office hours here Give information about yourself- education, experience, hobbies, family, etc.  Make available Insert a picture, or a link to your website if you like

Course Availability Your course will not become available to students until you change the availability. While you are building your shell, students won’t be able to access the materials. Once you finish getting your course ready for the semester, you will make it available through the Customization button on your control panel. On your Control Panel, go to Customization, then click on Properties. Set Availability is #2. Simply click Yes, then hit submit to make the course available  Click Yes

Additional Resources Using the instructions in this module will get you started, but there are many topics not covered here. If you are interested in learning more about using Blackboard, here are some resources: Blackboard On Demand Learning Center- This site has videos and how-to materials for all of Blackboard’s features Blackboard on YouTube- Blackboard’s YouTube channel has great On Demand Tutorials, and also videos on using Blackboard to build a better education experience. Blackboard Help- an online, searchable manual.

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