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Information about Black Electroless Nickel - NiKlad Eclipse

Published on February 26, 2014

Author: MacDermidIS



Black electroless nickel provides a wear and corrosion resistant coating with deep black lustre. Its conductivity make it suitable for electronic components in aerospace, automotive and general engineering applications.

NiKlad Eclipse “A proven process to give a uniform black Electroless Nickel Deposit”

History.... • There is a demand for Black Electroless Nickel coatings, and there has been for decades • In the past black EN deposits were typically created by using Nitric Acid, but it was never very successful – Inconsistent results were common – The deposits were smutty, and the color was uneven – The corrosion resistance of the deposits were very poor

History.... Edax Scan of EN treated with Nitric Acid

A New Process......NiKlad Eclipse • NiKlad Eclipse is a new Black Electroless Nickel process – It is nitric acid free – Produces an adherent, even black deposit – Exhibits excellent corrosion performance when combined with a high phosphorous Electroless Nickel and a passivation layer. – It is ELV, WEEE and RoHS compliant – The deposit produced is a complex Ni/P/Oxide. The black colour of Ni-P coating is due to the unique surface morphology combined with the formation of the nickel oxides and nickel phosphate) • It has been running in major production for over three years (producing over ¾ of a million connectors for commercial use)

Typical NiKlad Eclipse Process • EN Plate in high phosphorus NiKlad process • EN Plate NiKlad ELV 824 min 8ums. • Immerse in NiKlad Eclipse solution – R.T. – 60 – 120 secs – Gentle agitation • Dry • Passivate or topcoat (Optional)

NiKlad Eclipse Deposit Characteristics As Plated NiKlad ELV 824

NiKlad Eclipse Deposit Characteristics 2 minute immersion in NiKlad Elcipse

NiKlad Eclipse Deposit Characteristics a b

NiKlad Eclipse Deposit Characteristics Black oxidised layer (<1µm) Electroless nickel coating (8um thickness Single layer low Ni-P only) Base material

NiKlad Eclipse Deposit Characteristics..... • Black measured at 22 on the L.A.B. color space scale – Scale goes from 0 – 100 • 0 = complete black 100 = complete white • • • • • • 94-96% absorption rate and 4-6% emissivity Deposit has excellent corrosion protection Deposit is conductive Deposit is UV stable Deposit is abrasion resistant Color may be lost in corrosion tests unless passivated

NiKlad Eclipse Performance • Corrosion resistance of the process is excellent • Duplex system can easily achieve >1000 hrs NSS on steel, brass and aluminium • Passivated deposit electrochemical corrosion resistance is comparable to EN plating alone Effect Eclipse and passivation on 824 Icorr (uA/cm2) 25 20 15 10 5 0 NiKlad ELV 824 Eclipse Process Eclipse + Passivation

NSS Test Matrix

NiKlad Eclipse 500 hrs NSS (per ASTM B117)

NiKlad Eclipse 500 hrs NSS (per ASTM B117)

NiKlad Eclipse 500 hrs NSS (per ASTM B117)

NiKlad Eclipse 1000 hrs NSS (per ASTM B117) 6061 Al panels Duplex EN coating 12.5 um High phosphorous 12.5 um NiKlad ELV 824 NiKlad Eclipse Cathodic passivate

NiKlad Eclipse 1000 hrs NSS (per ASTM B117) Steel Parts after 1000 hrs NSS using passivation

NiKlad Eclipse Conductivity Testing

NiKlad Eclipse Deposit Conductivity Layer 1 Layer 2 Conductivity (mV) HP 20 ums NiKlad Eclipse 2.25 HP 30 ums NiKlad Eclipse 2.12 MP ELV 20 ums NiKlad Eclipse 2.21 MP 20 ums NiKlad Eclipse 2.34

NiKlad Eclipse Hardness • Hardness/Abrasion Resistance – As plated the Eclipse is soft, ~ 2B – Drying over time (3 days) or in the oven gives ~2H – Passivation gives >8H (harder than most lacquers) Hardness of Black EN 900 Hardness Hv100 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 Plated 190°C for 2hs Plated 190°C for 2hs

NiKlad Eclipse Passivation • Passivation – The passivation of NiKlad Eclipse is carried out using a cathodic hexavalent chrome solution – Critical factors are • • • • • Voltage Time Temperature Solution movement Rinsing

NiKlad Eclipse Passivation • Surface analysis after passivation – XPS process measures the first 3 – 5 nm of the coating Sample C O Ni P Cr NiKlad Eclipse No Electrotarnil B 10.6 50.8 20.9 17.7 - NiKlad Eclipse + Electrotarnil B 11.5 61.8 3.7 7.0 16.0

NiKlad Eclipse Passivation • Surface analysis after passivation NiKlad Eclipse + Electrotarnil B Ni2p Counts O1s C1s P2p 0 Cr2p 200 400 600 Binding Energy / eV 800 1000

NiKlad Eclipse Passivated Deposit • No hexavalent chrome present – By XPS – By GM 3045 • A combination of chrome oxide and chromium hydroxide. • RoHS compliant deposit

Typical Parts Processed with NiKlad Eclipse

NiKlad ELV 849 Bright 7-9 % ELV Medium Phos EN

Bright Mid Phos EN • Brightness range from 140110 Gloss Units • RoHS, ELV and WEEE compliant • Wide operating window – easy to operate • Consistent plating rate

NiKlad ELV 849 • Gloss in Gloss units – Brightness range is 140 – 111 GU

NiKlad ELV 849 Gloss Meter • Gloss is measured at a 20 degree angle

NiKlad ELV 849 • Plating Rate – Consistent plating rate for the entire bath life • 0.75 – 0.6 mil/hr

NiKlad ELV 849 • As plated hardness – Comparable to conventional Medium Phos EN • 500 – 600 HK 100 or 50 – 56 Rc • After heat treatment at 400C for 1 hour – Comparable to conventional Medium Phos EN • 850 – 950 HK 100 or 66 - 69 Rc • As plated wear – 22 – 26 mg/1000 cycles • After heat treatment at 400C for 1 hour – 14 – 18 mg/1000 cycles

NiKlad ELV 849 • Density • Phosphorus Content • Hardness: (as plated) (heat treated @ 400 C for 1 hour) • Wear Resistance:(as plated) (heat treated @ 400 C for 1 hour) 8.2 g/cm 7-9 weight percent 500 - 600 HK100 850-950 HK100 22-26 TWI * 14-18 TW * TWI -- “Taber Wear Index” is the weight loss in mg per 1000 cycles • Magnetic Tendency • Electrical Resistivity • Corrosion Resistance1 deposit • Nitric Acid Resistance2 • • 1ASTM Slightly Magnetic 70-90 cm >96 hrs 25μm Fail B117 performed on flat panel. the deposit darkens in concentrated nitric acid after 30 seconds it is considered a failure. 2If

Thank You For Your Attention For more information please contact John Szczypka

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