Bjorn Koch's Travel Guide to The United States

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Information about Bjorn Koch's Travel Guide to The United States

Published on October 12, 2016

Author: bjornkoch


1. Travel Guide The U.S.A by Bjorn Koch Yellowstone Perhaps the best­known of the nation’s national parks, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming is home to a wealth of rivers, canyons and, of course, Old Faithful. Yosemite Another one of the more well­known US national parks, Yosemite National Park in California is known far and wide for the towering sequoias and the cliffs and waterfalls that pepper the beautiful, lush landscape. Glacier National Park Located in the Montana region of the Rocky Mountains, Glacier National Park features snowcapped mountains and some of the clearest lake water you’ll find in the continental US. The United States of America is, by and large, a beautiful country. From the rolling Rocky Mountains and grassy plains of the Midwest to the Florida Everglades and monuments in Washington D.C., and everything in between. New York City One of the cultural epicenters of the US, New York features some of the fastest moving and most innovative minds in the business and entertainment industries. The Big Apple is also known for its arts scene and wealth of museums. While you’re there, stop by and visit the Statue of Liberty and experience the view from the top. Las Vegas While most people visit Las Vegas for the strip, there is more to be experienced. In addition to New York, Vegas has some fantastic food, everything from local cuisine to upscale fine­dining establishments. The nightlife in Vegas speaks for itself, and doesn’t need to be elaborated on. Washington D.C. If monuments and national history are your thing, DC is right for you. Washington is home to the nation’s capital, featuring the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and plenty of others. If education and learning is more up your alley you can visit the world famous Smithsonian Institute. National Parks Cities & Landmarks

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