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Published on March 12, 2014

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Quiz hosted and organised by DMS, IIT Delhi along with the Economics club, IIT Delhi.

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1. • X is an Indian company, which started out as Dandekar and Co. Starting its operations way back in 1931 it started manufacturing Hores brand lnk powders & tables. It was incorporated as a private company in 1946, and was converted into a public limited company in 1988. • In May 2011, Japanese company Kokuyo S&T, acquired a 50.74 per cent stake in X and the company has since been renamed to Kokuyo X Ltd. Please give me X, which for many might have been an iconic childhood brand.


Q. 2 • This company (X) - found in 1937 by Edwin Land- operates in the field of consumer electronics and eyewear. The company was started in order to commercialize the invention made by Mr. Land. This invention and thus the company name became so popular that X became a generic name for any such product. • In 2011, X launched an instant mobile printer, designed by its creative director Lady Gaga, which allows people to directly print from mobile phone or digital camera.


Q. 3 • Raised on a small farm Elmtaryd, near Agunnaryd, this boy started a company at the age of 17. • According to media reports, the company X is the world’s largest consumer of wood, and uses 1% of the Earth’s total wood supply. • X, once used to have the tagline “Screw Yourself” to emphasize the ease of use of its products. • Which company?


Q. 4 • The term X is an agreement between a company and an employee that guarantees the employee certain benefits, like monetary compensation or stock options, if employment is terminated. • The term Y is similar to a/an X in that it offers a severance package to an executive when he or she becomes unemployed from a company. While both terms describe severance packages given to executives upon termination of duties, a Y goes further to include the severance packages granted executives upon retirement, too. • Z is a term used to describe a system of financial incentives designed to keep an employee from leaving the company. These can include employee stock options that will not vest for several years, but are more often contractual obligations to give back lucrative bonuses or other compensation if the employee leaves for another company.

WINTERTemplate Y -X - Z -

Q. 5 • The Hindu and Jain mythology refer to X as the center of the universe, the abode of Lord Brahma and a pantheon of gods and goddesses. According to the ancient texts, X was the epicenter of the Earth and when the churning of the oceans (Sagar Manthan) took place, X was able to withstand all the resulting turbulence. • Which company name originates from this place X?


Q. 6 • A bachelor in Computer Science from MIT, Steve Jobs was impressed by him when he reverse-engineered Apple’s file system so that his startup’s, (the idea for which came when he forgot his flash drive while on a bus,) logo appeared elegantly tucked inside. • What is the company founded by this personality?

Drew Houston

Q. 7 • The name of this company literally translates to “The Halo” or “The Aura” • Along with its primary interests, the company is active in the dermatological, tissue engineering and pharmaceutical fields and is the top nanotechnology patent-holder in the United States • Liliane Bettencourt, the present owner of the company and the founder’s daughter is the second most wealthiest woman in the world with a net worth of around $32 billion.


Q. 8 • X was a consumer electronics company based in England. The founder of the company left in 1937 to start another company called FM Radio. It got amalgamated with another company Y in 1962. In Sept 2012, UTV Motion Pictures received a legal notice from X objecting that a movie Z by UTV used X’s name without obtaining an NOC. • X was also featured in the movie Life Of Pi by Ang Lee in 2012. Give X & Z Part Points Accepted

X – Murphy Radio Y – Bush Z – Barfi!


WINTERTemplate Every man has but one destiny : 1. History 2. Economics 3. Advertisement 4. Etymology 5. Quizmaster’s favourite 6. Brands

History. 1 • “After multiple attempts for 5 years, Charles Nelson X, by accident, invented something. While the invention was successful, it did not make him rich, the business collapsed in 1860, and X ended up in prison, leaving debts of more than $200,000 to his family. • Some 38 hours later, the company X was formed by Frank Augustus and Charles Seiberling in honour of X and the invention. • Firstly, the company produced horse hoof pads and then moved into bicycle wheels until 1900. • In 1900 the company decided to develop a logo to brand its operations, and as a result they developed a wingfoot picture that would sit within the X name. That logo is virtually the same as the logo that is used today. • Interesting history. Give me X.

History. 2 • The origins of what became Z go back to the 19th century where, like many long-established car manufacturers, a company started out manufacturing bicycles. X, who was a bookseller, was unable to obtain spare parts to repair his German bicycle. • A disgusted X, despite not having technical experience, decided to start a bicycle repair shop, which he and Y opened. In 1900, when the company had a workforce of 32, Slavia exports began, with 150 machines shipped to London for the Hewtson firm. Shortly afterwards, the press credited them as makers of the first motorcycle. • Z please.

Economics. 1 • The economic depression which started in 2008 earns its origins to the real estate bubble that preceded it. • A lot of similarities exist between the long depression of 1873 and the 2008 crisis: • In 1873, the X industry was booming just as the housing industry boomed 10 years ago. And like housing, much of the X boom was due to excessive government subsidies, which made the boom much larger than it should have been. Investors, speculators, and bankers hurried to get in on the riches by investing millions in X, and soon the X supply exceeded consumer demand. • Which bubble burst led to the 1873 long depression?

Economics. 2 X is a four letter term. Jim O'Neill coined the term X in 2001 in "The World Needs Better Economic Xs", a paper written for Goldman Sachs's "Global Economic Paper" series. X has now changed to Y which is a 5 letter term. Give me X and Y.

Advertisement. 1

Advertisement. 2

Etymology. 1 • The term X is said to have originated during the early 16th century, when Charles V used a particular method to distinguish between administrative dossiers that had to be discussed by the Council of State, from those issues that had to treated in an ordinary administrative way. • Even today, most defense barristers’ briefs and those from private clients make use of X, to keep it separate from the Government briefs, including those of the prosecution counsel.

Etymology. 2 • The word traces its root to the Latin word meaning ‘head’ (as in chief). • Use of this term in trade and finance originated in Medieval economies when a common but expensive transaction involved trading heads of cattle. • Which word are we talking about?

QM’s Favorites 1 • Usually, companies would pay artists to appear in commercials. In an unlikely event, this music band (X) wanted to appear in a commercial, and that too for no charge to the company. (Y) • When the lead singer of the band was asked about the association, he said about the product: “These men have helped design the most beautiful art object in music culture since electric guitar”

QM’s Favorites 2 • X, founded in 1948, is still one of Britain’s highest selling brands with approx 20 million units produced everyday and about a 150 units consumed every second. • An interesting thing about X is that if you crush it in a darkened room, you can see them sparkle blue!: this is because of triboluminescence (light produced by friction)

Brands. 1 • According to Y’s records, X is said to be world’s first registered brand. • The X firm was founded in 1789 by Andrew X, who set up a trade shop for his product in Soho, London and began producing cosmetic products. • During those times, X’s clients included wealthy socialites, who took great pride in their appearance.

Brands. 2 • ““I was born on the 7th of July in 1981, my jersey number isI was born on the 7th of July in 1981, my jersey number is seven, and thus number seven is very special for me. I loveseven, and thus number seven is very special for me. I love the number 7”, said someone during the recent launchthe number 7”, said someone during the recent launch (2013) of a certain brand.(2013) of a certain brand. • Who? About what?Who? About what?

WINTERTemplate Zindagi Milegi Dobara: 1. History 2. Economics 3. Advertisement 4. Etymology 5. Quizmaster’s favourite 6. Brands

Welcome Nabilur Rahman, Seriously.

QUESTION What precipitous and calamitous phrase was made popular by Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, when he warned the House Financial Services Committee of something that would happen on January 1, 2013? (obviously, he didn't think much of the Mayans and their theories).



ANSWER PPP Indices Big Mac Index Tall Latte Index iPad index

QUESTION What is the name given to highly volatile stocks which move up and down in price frequently. Hint: The origin comes from the name of a toy.

ANSWER Yoyo Stocks

QUESTION Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikigaisha or simply, Yoshida Company Limited was incepted in 1934. It is a conglomerate now with its biggest manufacturing unit located in Megan, Georgia. It has presence in more than 50 countries. What do they specialize in, something that each of us is using presently?

ANSWER Zippers

QUESTION It was a brand of products and services developed by Microsoft which included hardware, software and online subscription formats and was also linked to its Xbox 360 platform.It released in Nov 2006 and was discontinued in Oct 2011 due to the tremendous popularity of a similar product of one of Microsoft’s competitor.


QUESTION It is a battery powered electric vehicle invented by Dean Kamen. Its name is derived from the word segue meaning smooth transition. It consists of a number of gyroscopic sensors, computers and motors for ease of use. It is on top of Time magazine’s 50 Worst Inventions list. What is it?




QUESTION Rene X was a French tennis player and businessman. He was nicknamed "the Y" by fans because of his tenacity on the court. In the world of business he is also known as the creator of the X, which he introduced in 1929. Y is the logo of X.


QUESTION Which company has been named after the winged horse of Greek mythology. Only the last four letters of the name were used in order to give the name a higher position in the alphabetical listings.


QUESTION Initially, these papers were printed in Rashtrapati Bhavan. In 1950, these papers were leaked. This changed the printing venue to Minto Road located security press. Since 1980, these papers are printed in the North Block. What am I talking about?



Differential Round • 4n+2. n= number of teams who have not answered.

D. 1 • X’s logo represents the first vibrational mode of a thin L-shaped membrane, clamped at the edges, and governed by the wave equation. In 2004, X had around one million users across industry and academia. X’s users come from various backgrounds of engineering, science, and economics. • Identify X.

D. 2 • Following is a picture of Prakash Chauhan with his three daughters and the Chauhan family tree. The three branches denote the split of the company into three independently managed companies. • Which famous company was started by the Chauhans in 1929? Chauhan family 1929 Chauhan family 1929 Vijay, Sharad, Anup Vijay, Sharad, Anup PrakashPrakash RameshRamesh Schauna, Nadia, Alisha Schauna, Nadia, Alisha

• Vijay, Anup and Sharad Chauhan: Parle Products (Parle- G, Monaco, KrackJack, Poppins) • Prakash Chauhan and Alisha, Nadia, Schauna: Parle Agro (Frooty, Appy, Hippo) • Schauna Chauhan is the CEO of Parle Agro since 2006. Ramesh Chauhan: Parle Bisleri

D. 3 X Y

D. 4 • Connect

D. 5 • It's said that the Mendip miners of the Mendip Mountains in England were responsible for the origin of this term. • Through strict mining laws , had any of the miners stolen lead or ore--their fate would lie with the action of: "bring him to his house or work and where all his tools and instruments are... and set fire all together and banish him!” • Which term originates from this practice?

D. 6 • This company is one of the world’s largest electronics company, headquartered in Suwa, Japan. • X came into being when it was selected as the official time keeper for the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and started to develop an electronic printer to print the timed events. • Next generation of these electronic printers were introduced in 1975 which were called the sons of the electronic printers, which led to the company name name as we know it today. • Which company?

D. 7 • The name of the company X was the idea of Bob Bogle, who sold it to his boss on the basis that as the word had only seven letters, it would be cheap to maintain the neon signage above the storefront. That appealed to his boss's frugal nature, which underpins the philosophy of the entire company. • X?

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