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Published on March 4, 2014

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Bitesize copyright session slides, covering use of text, image and video in HE, with selection of copyright queries asked over the last year

Copyright: Using Text, Images and Video in your Teaching, Study and Research

Intellectual Property • Copyright • Moral Rights • Patents • Trademarks • Design rights • Performance rights - Alan Cleaver

What can be copyrighted?

Copyright Duration

Copyright Durations • Text – 70 years after death of author • Sound – 50 soon 70 years from first performance • Film – 70 years after death of director, screenplay author, composer, author of dialogue • Broadcast – 50 years after initial broadcast • Typographical – 25 years after publication Some rights reserved by gothick_matt

Exceptions for Education • Teaching/Instruction • Examination/ Assessment • Research & Private Study (non commercial) • Criticism & Review Public Domain

CLA/NLA Licenses • Registered staff and students, visiting tutors • Books, newspapers, journals, m agazines • ‘Own’ item or copyright fee paid • Multiple photocopies • One chapter, article, 5% of work • Library can scan certain works • Use in Moodle • Post links • es/b icenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/y-ncnd/2.0/ by Geckoam

Text • Print, save, photocopy single copy • Multiple photocopies of single article or book chapter • Print multiple copies for students • Amend, abbreviate, make extracts for pedagogical reasons • We must ‘own’ copy or have copyright fee paid item • Library can scan to upload to Moodle • Link to subscription copies • Contact publisher for more use - Thomas Hawk

Images/Photographs • Personal study • Copyright can be transferred • Credit at all times • PowerPoint just in class – low risk • PowerPoint on Moodle/Web – high risk • Creative Commons images • License for all possible uses Copyright Unknown

Tables/Diagrams • Copyright protected • Credit at all times • STM publishers – use 2 from one article or 5 from a volume • Criticism and review • ‘Inspired’ and create new table/diagram

Filming/Video for broadcast • Multiple copyrights • Inform all present • Speakers need to sign license • Performance rights • Clear content e.g. images in presentation • Moodle or Web? No Known restrictions

What you can’t/shouldn’t do • Not acknowledge or credit • Email digital copies to multiple recipients • Add, upload, use popular music, film • Take images from the internet without seeking clearance • Embed youtube/vimeo videos

Creative Commons • Still has copyright • States what you can do with it • 4 main licenses • CC-BY-NC-ND • No translations, no posting on blogs (adverts), no text mining • Reuse non commercially

• We are a new School group and want to put on our website summaries of systematic reviews, are we allowed to do this? • Yes, as long as the summaries are not simply copied extracts you will have created a ‘new’ work and a new copyright will be in the summaries

• We recently had a very popular series of talks given by internal and external speakers, these were filmed and we noticed that a lot of the presentations had images in them, can we upload these to the website and vimeo/youtube? • No, you will need to seek clearance for each of those images, better to prepare for next time or ‘block’ the current images

• We are running a short course and will be uploading talks given by LSHTM lecturers and external lecturers to Moodle, is there anything we need to think about? • Yes, you will need to get permission from internal and external speakers to put in Moodle, you can use these permission forms

• We have slides from a key module from last year created by a lecturer from LSHTM who left last year and we don’t know how to contact her, can we use them? • Yes, they were created as part of their employment so the copyright belongs to LSHTM

• While working in Kampala a teaching colleague of ours took some photographs at a maternal clinic, everyone there agreed to have their photo taken but we don’t have any written permissions can we use them? • The teacher will have copyright in the photographs, so you will need to seek a license to use them • Ideally signed permission from those in the photographs but here there is implied consent

• We are trying to create an interactive activity for our students to help them develop their abstract writing skills, we will give them published articles and hide the abstract and get them to write their own do we have to clear copyright for each article? • If we own a copy of the article you are allowed to make modifications under our CLA license

• We want to place copies of previous students essays on Moodle to provide students with examples of good and bad answers, since their work was part of their study here at LSHTM we can do this? • No, you will need to seek permission from the students since they own all copyright in the work they produce

• As part of our instruction in The Economics of Global Health Policy short course we have found a number of videos on YouTube that we would like to embed within Moodle, are we allowed? • Very risky, must check that the person who uploaded the video is the content creator and then seek permission, linking is better

• I took a photograph of a model of a brain at the Science Museum’s Mind Maps: Stories from Psychology exhibition therefore it is my copyright and I will be using the photo in an article I am having published, is there any other issues I need to think about? • Yes, there will be copyright in the model of the brain and copyright in the display in the museum, you will need to seek clearance. You will own copyright in your photograph but it is an infringement

• I want to use an image I found on the internet but I can’t find out who the copyright holder is, can I just use it? • No, either look for another image or if you definitely need to use it you will need to prove ‘due diligence’ in seeking clearance and keep a record of this

• Can I take a screen-shot from a website and use in my article? • You should contact the website owner for permission

• We found an image on Flickr and the creator gave us permission to use the image on some promotional material, we now want to use this image on the departmental page do we need to contact the creator again? • Yes, you will need to seek clearance for each different way you use the image, ideally plan before and seek clearance/license for all possible uses

Useful sites • • • • • • • • •

Contact 020 7958 8193 No Known Copyright Restrictions

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