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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: bitcoinnews



It would be very unusual for anyone these days to not have seen the word Bitcoin. This digital currency, also known as crypto currency, is either going to replace paper money now or later, at least that's the way this controversail "emoney is headed.

As a blogger for, I read more than 200 news articles and financial reports every 48 hours. And even though is just under two weeks old, the crowds are already gathering at our website for the latest buzz.

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Sable Combs
Bitcoin Consultant

A FEW THINGS CURIOUS CONSUMERS SHOULD BE LEARNING ABOUT BITCOIN What you find out about Bitcoin could inspire Bitcoin Luv

DO I HAVE TO TRAVEL FAR TO SPEND BITCOIN?  Actually, you can shop with them at…  Walmart  Target  Kohls   eBay  Amazon  Etsy Vendors …. And More


ANY SECRETS SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT BITCOIN?  "Bitcoin is a virtual currency tailor-made for online retailing which means it’s tailor-made for” …Gene Marks, Forbes  Bitcoin has a growing list of retailers:, Virgin Galactic,Tesla Motors,OKCupid,Reddit,Kohls,Target,Walmart,  The Pirate Bay, Zynga, PayPal,Tiger Direct, eBay, Amazon, Wordpress, EZTV,, Lumfile, Reddit, OKCupid, Shopify…


WHAT DO THE FEDS SAY ABOUT BITCOIN?  According to Forbes, “Since many Bitcoin transactions are essentially bartering, the IRS can be expected to draw from its Bartering Tax Center. Soon the IRS may have a Bitcoin Center too. The Treasury unit called FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, already has rules about Bitcoin and the IRS is likely to follow.“  According to Homeland Security Committee Chairman Tom Carper, D- Del. “Virtual currencies, perhaps most notably Bitcoin, have captured the imagination of some, struck fear among others and confused the heck out of many of us," Carper said. "Fundamental questions remain about what a virtual currency actually is, how it should be treated and what the future holds.“  Bloomberg reports, "The Department of Justice said Bitcoins can be “legal means of exchange” at a U.S. Senate committee hearing, boosting prospects for wider acceptance of the virtual currency.“We all recognize that virtual currencies, in and of themselves, are not illegal,” Mythili Raman, acting assistant attorney general at the Justice Department’s criminal division, said at the hearing."


IF IT COMES TO A VOTE WILL BITCOIN WIN? For more information about Bitcoin visit Click Here to watch latest Bitcoin video

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