Bitcoin Gold - A distinctive decentralized & unique digital mazuma!

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Information about Bitcoin Gold - A distinctive decentralized & unique digital mazuma!

Published on December 5, 2017

Author: epixelmlmsoftware


Epixel MLM Blogs: Epixel MLM Blogs 12/5/2017 E-pixel MLM slides 1 Bitcoin Gold - A distinctive decentralized & unique digital mazuma!: Bitcoin Gold - A distinctive decentralized & unique digital mazuma ! Bitcoin has been the ruling king of the online currency world without much competition for the past few years . But, things have changed a bit and with the enrollment of new digital coins or cryptocurrencies the challenges to face hiked up. Bitcoin Gold has been the new arrival among the Bitcoin users and is considered as the hard fork which technically will improve the stability of the system. Bitcoin Gold is a distinctive form that will erase the centralized issue. So, how do Bitcoin Gold works? How come is this particular one different from Bitcoin? 12/5/2017 E-pixel MLM slides 2 Slide 3: So , the heading of those days of Bitcoin gold has been "Bitcoin to be decentralized again". And after the mining part is completed a Proof Of Work (POW) is provided but that can be done easily with normal CPU's. Mining part will be given the simple standards of work using this particular Blockchain protocol. And this makes Bitcoin Gold decentralized in nature and won't depend on any sort of assets . The addition of blocks is still carried out within the Bitcoin Blockchain but in a different manner, we will be on it in the later part of this article. A perfect allocation or classification is available in this particular system and acts as a new digital asset. 12/5/2017 E-pixel MLM slides 3 : 12/5/2017 E-pixel MLM slides 4 Yet another part or feature is that of having a unique wallet address and it thus offers complete protection. This point must be highlighted over all other points as it is given at most priority regardless of any issues faced . Slide 5: 12/5/2017 E-pixel MLM slides 5 There is no chance of threatening as the system offers an open-source package and it's POW is termed as " equihash ". Bitcoin gold does split into two Blockchain where both acts as separate assets in the case of block addition. A new branch of Blockchain emerges out and Bitcoin cash is another split-up like Bitcoin gold. The idea behind the Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin gold is to make a distinctive and unique one. This particular technology is now available with direct selling software as a new opportunity to enhance the profit-driven business explorations. We have such custom features available with the package for a vast future that does include mining, investment and much more as per requirements. Slide 6: Mine and mine with distinctive manner … ! Thanks for reading..! 12/5/2017 E-pixel MLM slides 6

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