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Information about Bitcoin futures?

Published on December 10, 2017

Author: MrSingh18


1. IS ALL THE INITIAL PRESSURE ON THE DOWNSIDE? © 2017 Trading Strategist Limited All rights reserved Bitcoin Futures?

2. Context How The Institutions Have Likely Prepared…… © 2017 Trading Strategist Limited All rights reserved •Academics; VCs •Exchanges – contract specs •Crypto SMEs •Institutions’ Well Briefed •Trading Policies Agreed •Clients Engaged •Heads Trading Mandated •New Asset Class •Ownership •Volatility! •Trading Volumes Institutions Probably Get That: DLT – Blockchain – Smart Contracts – Decentralised Apps Have Long Term Value Most Likely Initial Question: Fair Price For Bitcoin Today? 1

3. Bitcoin Futures Client Marketing Boolean Analysis  © 2017 Trading Strategist Limited All rights reserved What Is Client Marketing Telling The Institutions? How Do Potential Client Order Book Volumes Compare With Crypto Exchanges? Institutional Policy & Outlook? NO FOMO* FOMO Could Encourage ‘Short Selling’ (Next Slide 3) Traditional Trading Income + Short Selling? (Slide 4) 2 *FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out

4. Client Feedback ‘NO FOMO’ + Extended Chart Position = RISK! © 2017 Trading Strategist Limited All rights reserved $20K $15K $10K $1K Volatility = Short Term Opportunity Institutions & Algos Ready To Ask Initial Question On Downside? Any Sign Weakness Could Drive Serious ‘Short Selling’ Volumes 20% Movement Limits Sensible Protection. Bitcoin ‘Commodity’ Opening Limit Up/Down ‘Manages Volatility’ But Could Hit Futures Liquidity & Encourage Speculation ‘Out Of Hours’ / ‘Off Exchange’ Heavy Margin Requirements Probably Not An Issue 3

5. Client Feedback ‘FOMO’ + Extended Chart Position = RISK! © 2017 Trading Strategist Limited All rights reserved ‘FOMO’ + Significant Volume = More Short-Term Opportunity Difficult To Ignore An Extended Chart Position If Institutional Volumes >> Yours Then They Control The Game Volatility Trading Possible Subject Daily ‘20% Exchange Cap’ + Exposed To Short Selling Risks Arbitraging Also Possible But Higher Risk: Can You Exit On ‘The Other Exchange’ Question Persists: ‘Fair Price Of Bitcoin Today?’ Likely ‘FOMO Zone’ Potential ‘NO FOMO Zone’ $20K $15K $10K $1K 4

6. If Short Term Focus Prevails Pressure On Futures Contract Downside >> Upside © 2017 Trading Strategist Limited All rights reserved •Exchanges – typical measures protect against volatility •However, opportunities for speculators remain across exchanges •Very Likely See Bitcoin Futures ‘Limit Up/Down’ •‘Limit Up/Down’ Events = Short Term Focus To Protect Client Monies •Provides Opportunity To Speculators Who Like ‘Quick & Easy’ •Short Sell 1st > Volatility 2nd > Arbitrage 3rd •‘Fair Price For Bitcoin Today?’…..we will find out very soon!! 5

7. "How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.“ Bill Gates

8. Ranjit Sodhi, Co-Founder & CEO ™ © 2017 Trading Strategist Limited All rights reserved

9. Disclaimer NO INVESTMENT RECOMMENDATIONS OR ADVICE; RELIANCE ON INFORMATION Trading Strategist is a software analytics provider. Trading Strategist is not a broker/dealer, we are not an investment advisor, we have no access to non-public information about publicly traded companies, and this is not a place for the giving or receiving of financial advice, advice concerning investment decisions or tax or legal advice. We are not regulated by the FCA or any other regulatory body. The services and the information available on or through this presentation and any of our software services are only for your general information and use and are not intended to address your particular requirements. IN PARTICULAR, THE INFORMATION, CONTENT, ALERTS, AND MATERIALS PRESENTED (THE "INVESTMENT INFORMATION") IS IN THE NATURE OF GENERAL INVESTMENT RESEARCH AND DATA AND IS FOR GENERAL INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. THE INVESTMENT INFORMATION IS NOT PERSONALISED FOR YOU OR ANY OTHER RECIPIENT, DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ANY FORM OF ADVICE OR RECOMMENDATION OR INVESTMENT ADVICE BY US OR OTHER USERS AND IS NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE CONSIDERED TO BE AN INDIVIDUALISED INVESTMENT RECOMMENDATION. SUCH INFORMATION IS NOT INTENDED TO BE RELIED UPON BY YOU IN MAKING (OR REFRAINING TO MAKE) ANY SPECIFIC INVESTMENT OR OTHER DECISIONS. Appropriate expert independent advice should be obtained before making any investment decision. You bear all risks from any use or results of using any services and/or information in this presentation & / or our website & / or from our software service. The Trading Strategist site & software are primarily intended for retail traders and investors and specialises in producing quantitative observations on key financial instruments. These instruments may include shares, rolling spot foreign exchange contracts, commodity futures, contract for differences, futures, government and public securities and other capital markets instruments. We will not arrange any transactions on your behalf. The Investment Information in this presentation & on our website is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW TRADING STRATEGIST ASSERTS IT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE IN ANY MANNER FOR, AND MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND REGARDING, THE ACCURACY, COMPLETENESS, QUALITY, RELIABILITY OR USEFULNESS OF ANY INVESTMENT INFORMATION OR THE RESULTS OBTAINED FROM ANY INVESTMENT INFORMATION. You should consult an independent financial advisor, attorney or tax professional regarding your specific investment, legal or tax situation. We may offer valuation tools; these are solely for information and educational purposes so that users can easily run their own valuations. Any resulting valuation outputs are necessarily generic and are not endorsed for a given instrument by Trading Strategist. Any arrangements between you and any third party contacted via the website are at your sole risk. © 2017 Trading Strategist Limited All rights reserved

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