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Published on September 30, 2015

Author: Papoysie


Slide2:  Nini is real, honest, and open. She is gentle, and very generous.  Slide3: Cora Santos  I thank God for Nini.  She is one of my most beloved and treasured sisters in Ligaya. Slide4: Nini is God’s gift to our group. She’s always excited to share insights Slide5: Willy and Sonia Nini is a woman who is humble in God’s service. Happy birthday. Slide6: A multi-talented sister --- that’s what we consider Nini to be. Slide7: She is really good as a real estate broker. She is a bible scholar, a homemaker and even a “fashionista”! Slide8: A common thread weaves all that giftedness together and that is the thread of generosity. Mao and Cyn Slide9: I like the way Nini knows how to respond to the situations around her. Slide10: When Rey retired, she easily downscaled her lifestyle and gave up little luxuries -- like having a driver at her beck and call. Slide11: Dojie and Berry At the same time, she continues to support her mother with her resources and presence. She does all this without whining! Slide12: We noticed that you relate to all kinds of people with ease. Slide13: One minute you’re analyzing scripture, and the next minute you’re laughing Slide14: - Omy and Rosanne So what’s the point? The point is, you’re not stuck up in your knowledge, you’re not maarte. For that, we honor you. Slide15: If I tell of her love for scripture and generosity to share her learnings I would be stating the obvious. Slide16: More than that, I admire Nini for her sincere desire to become more and more pleasing to the Lord. Slide17: I see that the deeper she immerses herself in Scripture, the more she is changed and becomes more and more caring. - Apples Slide18: Nini is The Constant Learner. I am one of the fortunate ones who got infected by Nini's enthusiasm to spread the love for learning God's word.  Her passion is infectious. - Carol S. Slide19: Nin’s love and passion for scripture is inspiring. She shares reflections freely, that we too may share in the joy of her discoveries.          -Harvey and Lorna C. Slide20: Nini is my "guru".  She has influenced me greatly in my love for God's Word and has encouraged me to be sensitive to the leadings of the Holy Spirit.  Slide21: Nini has a strong character. She is honest, straightforward and not afraid to be different.   - Brenda D. Slide22: We are  so blessed to have a beautiful friend in Christ  who really inspires us.  Slide23: You are a gift from God and we thank Him for allowing us to know you.   - Irma and Ricky Slide24: We celebrate your unconquerable spirit, that lets you meet every challenge Slide25: We celebrate your uniqueness There is no one else like you, and we feel blessed to know such an extraordinary person like you. Slide26: - Willie and Sheila May each new year beyond sixty be the best one ever for you. You deserve it! Slide27: Truly IPD's angel. Always there when needed, generous with her time and resources, an excellent trainer-teacher. Always God first for her.  - Jess Gallegos Slide28: Nini visits me on impulse (Spirit-led), on occasions when I needed intercession Slide29: One time, because  we were at odds, My son prepared his own breakfast. He cut himself badly opening a can of corned-beef.   Fortunately, my daughter was there and drove him to a nearby clinic Slide30: I was overwhelmed with guilt that I just sat in our sala sofa speechless Slide31: Just then Nini came and said "I don't know what brought me here, I just had to see you".  Slide32: She prayed over me and calmed my burdened spirit.  Actually, the newly coined words BFF describes our relationship. - MaryLou A. Slide33: Our mother is not just smart but wise. She is a moral and spiritual compass. Slide34: Our mom is always supportive, always encouraging. She has raised a wonderful family and we owe all we are to her! Slide35: Happy birthday Mom, and may you have many many more to come. - Vic and Cyn Slide36:  Many, many thanks  for the way you have brought us up and for all the things that you have done for us. Slide37: Now that we have our own kids, we appreciate you even more as a mother Slide38: May you have the strength, flexibility and endurance of a 20yr old in the years to come. Slide39: We're proud to be your children! Happy Birthday, Mom! - Ryan and Caroline Slide40: We thank and praise God for giving us a mom like you --- one who looks like a sister --- Slide41: Thank you for taking such good care of each of us Slide42: We appreciate everything you've done and continue to do for the family. Slide43: We love you very much! Happy birthday. - PJ and Pauline Slide44: Mom is always the selfless guardian. She is always on the lookout for other people's welfare. Slide45: She is happiest when she helps out the people who matter to her. Slide46: She doesn't let small things like distance, time, or money hinder her efforts. Slide47: PJ and Joy Mom will find a way! Slide48: Mom is extremely selfless and generous, especially when it comes to family and friends. She will do anything and everything for her family. Slide49: That is why our family likes to sing:  "Mom will make a way when there seems to be no way. She works in ways we cannot see. Mom will make a way for me." Slide50: Happy birthday, Mom! We love you very, very much! - Kristine Slide51: Nini’s love for God's Word is inspiring. Slide52: Not only is it inspiring it is infectious. Slide53: Because of this, many people have been “set in motion” to take Bible study seriously and to "chew" on God's word as a daily habit. Slide54: Rey Thank you, dear, for inspiring and touching the lives of many. You are truly God's blessing. Most especially to me

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