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Published on November 22, 2007

Author: Talya


Slide1:  Conservation PEOPLE, WINGS AND FORESTS:  PEOPLE, WINGS AND FORESTS Conserving the Birds of the Americas Forest Service Leadership: Making A Difference Strategic Priorities: Habitats degraded or at high risk Imperiled and declining species Conservation partnership opportunities- needs Linking Forest Service expertise internationally Conservation of the biodiversity Importance of birds to humans Slide3:  Birds are Important to U.S. Citizens We watch them and dfeed them We write books dabout them We market our dbusinesses with dtheir images We name our sports dteams after them We choose them as dsymbols of our dpatriotism Slide4:  38% of all Americans ;16 years and older ;participate in Wildlife ;Related Outdoor ;Activities 52% are hunters and/or ;;anglers 82% participate in ;wildlife-watching ;activities 76 Million Americans ;feed or watch birds ;spending $29 billion ;each year Slide5:  “Conservation Conserves Culture” 12,000 rural Alaskan households harvests 58,000 seaducks Slide6:  Of the 852 bird species in the United States: 778 are migratory 300 species migrate to dLatin America 19 species of shorebirds dmigrate 8,000 miles 1 way 34 species of wood dwarblers and 22 of the 29 dspecies of waterfowl are dshared between U.S., dCanada, Mexico Slide7:  Baltimore Oriole (Icterus galbula) Slide8:  Spotted Sandpiper (Actitis macularia) Slide9:  Migrant Declines since 1966 Slide10:  Breeding Population (x1000) Scaup Population Trends NAWMP Goal Slide11:  Reasons for Decline In the USA and other countries Habitat Loss -Urbanization -Agricultural Development -Wetland Drainage - Forest Loss and Fragmentation Human Population increase Pesticides – other chemicals Natural Disaster Slide12:  AFRICA EUROPE NORTH AMERICA ASIA AND OCEANIA LATIN AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN 10 8 6 4 2 0 1950 2000 2050 SOURCE: United Nations (U.N.) Population Division, Long Range World Population Projections: Two Centuries of World Population Growth: 1950-2150 (U.N., New York, 1992), Table 6, p.22 Global Population Trends Slide13:  16 14 12 10 6 4 8 2 0 Russia And Europe Asia North and Central America South America Africa Oceania Slide14:  Latin American Deforestation Reduces Survival Rate Decreases Number of Migratory dBirds Returning to North America Slide15:  Forest Policy Disaster Assistance Technical Cooperation International Programs Work for Migratory Birds Slide16:  Bird Conservation Perspective Landscapes—Ecoregions Multiple Land Ownerships Partnerships Entrepreneurship Scientifically & Ecologically based International Action Benefits to USA Slide17:  Protected Areas Management Train Land Managers Non-timber Forest Products Nature-based Tourism Slide18:  Low-impact Logging Fire Management Reforestation Watershed Restoration Neotropical Migratory Bird dInventory and Monitoring Conservation Training Slide19:  Reduced Impact Logging Reduces risk of catastrophic fire Retains more habitats for migratory birds Train land managers TFF Slide20:  Wildfire Problems: Destroys habitat for migratory birds Poor forest management increases risk Watershed degradation results Unpredictable loss of habitat Solutions: Training for suppression, detection, dmonitoring Provide equipment Research on fire behavior Slide21:  Threats to the Boreal Forest Oil and Gas Mineral Extraction Forest Management Agriculture Hydroelectric Development Slide22:  Kirtland’s Warbler Endangered Species Estimated 900 pairs Worldwide Restricted Range Threats – Habitat Protection in Bahamas $1.2 Million/year in North America Slide23:  Restricted winter range Habitat loss in wintering areas 10-20% of the world population occurs on the Green and White Mountain National Forests Bicknells Thrush Slide24:  Migrates over 5000 miles Consistent narrow migration corridor 5000 individuals range-wide Significant populations occur on National Forests Deforested and parched lands during migration Winters on Private Lands Swallow-tailed Kite Data Courtesy of Avian Research and Conservation Institute Slide25:  Coffee - Cacao Problems: Deforestation to grow sun-dgrown coffee Deforestation increasing Loss of wintering habitat for migratory birds 97% less use by birds in sun- dgrown coffee plantations Slide26:  Invasive Species Problems: Destroys native habitats for migratory birds Deforestation Loss of native plant communities Solutions: Integrated Pest Management Program Exotic Forest Pest Information System Biological Control Programs in North America, Latin America, Japan, and China Slide27:  National Large Scale Watershed Restoration Projects Slide28:  North American Waterfowl dManagement Plan Partners in Flight U.S. Shorebird dConservation Plan North American Waterbird Conservation Plan North American Bird Conservation Initiative

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