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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: gianinagalea



Birds and wild animals Romania



The pupils guided by the Biology teacher have done projects about the environment, about the migratory birds that come to our country and about the wild animals living in this area.

PELICANS  They arrive in Romania in early March and leave in autumn to the Nile Delta, Bay area or coast region of Asia.  In our country there live 2 species of pelicans in the Danube Delta:  The common pelican  The curly pelican

STORK In autumn the European storks fly in flocks towards south, in Africa. In spring they come back to the same nest which was abandoned six months ago. They build their nests on the house roofs or churches towers.

TURTLE DOVE The turtle dove with collar is a bird belonging to the pigeons family. NIGHTINGALE The nightingale is a bird somehow forgotten nowadays, but much cherished over time for its melodious voice. Dressed in a modest plumage, this small flying bird has always been regarded as a symbol of romance.

SWAN  In Romania there are several species: – Summer swan – Winter swan – Small swan – Black swan

LYNX The lynx is one of the fastest cat in the world. In winter the lynx changes fur which thickens to withstand cold winter. CHAMOIS The chamois is the queen of high and rocky hills in Romania. Because of its special abilities to climb we can see it where we do not think there could ever get a trace of wild animals.

BROWN BEAR The brown bear lives along the Carpathian Mountains, especially among the rocks, where they can create lair. In December 2010, in Romania there were 6,000 brown bears, meaning 40% of those in the EU. WOLF  The wolf is the most widespread species of mammals living today. In the mountains of Transylvania wolves still live in large numbers, which gave rise to many legends about men-wolves. In Romania there is a long tradition regarding wolf watched in fear and awe.

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