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Published on December 30, 2008

Author: dottuta


Kuwait University : Kuwait University Name: Salem Abdul Salam Student ID: 207113629 Subject: English Section: 162/01 Teacher: Ms. Dot Bird Flu What is Bird Flu? : 2 What is Bird Flu? Bird flu is a disease that affects birds, but can also infect several kinds of mammals, and can spread to humans mainly through contact with infected birds. Types: : 3 Types: - There are three distinct types:- A- Type A B- Type B C- Type C -Lethal is the kind which causes birds to become very ill extremely quickly. What Causes Bird Flu? : 4 What Causes Bird Flu? 1-A kind of influenza virus. 2-Dangerous illnesses: e.g. H5N1- (strain of bird flu that caused deaths of millions of birds in recent months). Bird Flu Symptoms in Birds - 1: : 5 Bird Flu Symptoms in Birds - 1: A- Mild bird flu symptoms:- 1- Ruffled feathers. 2- Reduced egg production. 3- Minor respiratory disease. Bird Flu Symptoms in Birds - 2: : 6 Bird Flu Symptoms in Birds - 2: B- Severe bird flu symptoms:- 1- Serious respiratory disease. 2- Attacks multiple organs and tissues. 3- Massive internal hemorrhaging. Bird Flu Symptoms in Humans: : 7 Bird Flu Symptoms in Humans: A- Common initial symptoms include:- 1- High fever with temperature usually higher than 38 C. 2- Influenza-like symptoms. B- Other early symptoms in some patients include:- 1- Diarhea. 2- Vomiting. 3- Abdominal pain. 4- Chest pain. 5- Bleeding from nose and gums. Bird Flu Treatment: : 8 Bird Flu Treatment: A- Oseltamivir (commercially called Tamiflu). 1-This prevents virus from escaping from cells where hosted. B- Current antiviral drugs, including oseltamivir -Tamiflu can improve patient's chances of surviving H5N1 bird flu. Some Pictures: : 9 Some Pictures: Slide 10: 10 Thank you for listening. Do you have any questions? Sources: : 11 Sources: A- Bird Flu Antivirus.1998. http://www.cause-of-bird- (Oct 2008). B- Bird Flu Antivirus. 2002. (Oct 2008). C- “Bird Flu”. Encyclopedia Americana. 2006.ed. D- Greger, M. Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Hatching. New York: Lantern Books, 2006.

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