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Published on March 18, 2014

Author: jhyman



Bird Adaptations, Envirothon 2014

Wildlife Adaptations


Clues: -good for breaking seeds apart -short, thick, cone-shaped bill -sparrows, cardinals


Clues: -sharp, curved bills for tearing meat -found on birds of prey -hawks, owls


Clues: -long bills that can bore into wood to eat insects -woodpeckers


Clues: -long and slender for getting nectar from flowers -hummingbird


Clues: -long, flat bill that separates small plants and animals from the water -Ducks, Canada Goose


Clues: -sharp, long, pointed beak used for fishing -herons and kingfishers


Clues: -thin, pointed bill for eating insects -warblers


Clues: -multi-purpose bill that allows birds to eat fruit, seeds, insects, fish, and other animals -crows

Swiss Army Knife


Clues: -large, curved claws used to snatch fish from the water -raptors, osprey


Clues: -used to scrape the soil for food -has nail-like toes -pheasants


Clues: -used like paddles by water birds -ducks and Canada Geese


Clues: -long back toe to grab a branch tightly -robins


Clues: -3 toes, rather than 4 for faster movement -flat foot -no back obstruction


Clues: -2 hind toes enable bird to move up a tree without falling backward -good for balancing -woodpecker


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