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Information about Biotechnology

Published on March 2, 2014

Author: onlinecahrawl




Biotechnology Definition of Biotechnology The exploitation of biological processes for industrial and other purposes, especially the genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the production of antibiotics, hormones, etc.

Old Fashioned Biotechnology Wine • In order to make a Wine or a Beer , … yeast and some sugar has to be used and added in, and the yeast will ferment the Wine Alchohol • The earliest biotechnolo gy used by the human is the fermentatio n of sugar into alcohol. Food • Yoghurt, cream, better, cheese, proteins, mycoproteins, soy sauce, enzymes, acid, vitamins, flavouring,

Modern Biotechnology Eg of Modern Biotechnology Eg of MTB • Examples of Modern biotechnology are tissue culture, genetic engineering,recombinant DNA techniques, mutagenesis,drugs,antibiotics, monoclonol antibodies, antipyretics, analgesics, breeding, hybridization,cloning etc... Examples of Traditional biotechnology are vinegar, wine,turmeric,spices, food preservation, quarantines, selective plant breeding, etc. • Traditional biotechnology is centered around passive techniques such as selective breeding to procure a population that shares a specific phenotype (trait). In the case of plants, this use to be done via simple cross pollination (google Gregor Mendel). Modern biotechnology uses gene manipulation to actively engineer organisms with certain characteristics (e.g. bacteria with a gene that codes for a pharmaceutical protein).

Benefits and Problem Benefits of Biotechnology • • • • • • • Better tasting fruits or vegetables Fruits and vegetables that retain their flavor and texture longer Fruits, vegetables, grains or oils which enhance health Plants with their own built-in pest resistance traits, so fewer pesticides are applied to fields Rapid, sensitive, and accurate diagnostic kits to monitor for agricultural pests. Growers will use this information to reduce pesticide use and improve the timing of applications Plants resistant to virus, so less pesticides are needed to control the insects which transmit the virus Vaccines for animals to protect against diseases otherwise not controllable. Problem of Biotechnology • There are many problems that are related to biotechnology. Biotechnology is the scientific techniques used in genetic engineering. The main problems is that some of them have long term effects.

• I’m done  Bibliography    chnology   odsci/ext/pubs/bioapp.html  y_modern_biotechnology_from_tr aditional_biotechnology#slide=4  alcohol.html

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