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Published on January 3, 2008

Author: Junyo


Post consumer wood 1:  Post consumer wood 1 Recycled timber from building/construction sites, demolition etc. (almost 50% of all timber used during a construction is used only for support and is disposed after the construction is finished),. Recycled timber from waste disposal sites Post consumer wood 2:  Post consumer wood 2 Total volume of used wood is 1,25 million m3, of which 40% clean A-quality wood, 56% somewhat contaminated B-quality wood and 4% C-quality wood (chemical waste) Only 22% is used in The Netherlands: 120 kton presswood 50 kton NL bioenergy plants 60 kton energy pellets Post consumer wood 3:  Post consumer wood 3 Good infrastructure : a few large companies which are being supplied by many small suppliers 78% of used wood is being exported, mainly to the board industry in Germany, Belgium and Italy (53%) 47% of the exports is supplied to bioenergy plants in Germany and Sweden Forest biomass:  Forest biomass Harvesting-Thinning Pre-commercial thinning Tree tops and branches Harvesting/Thinning:  Harvesting/Thinning Sustainable harvest means extracting no more wood than the annual increment At the moment in the Netherlands, only 55% of the mean annual increment is harvested. Tremendous biomass potential ‘is waiting to be collected’ However, this will happen only if an outlet can be found for the other assortments Half the private forest owners in The Netherlands do not harvest at all

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