Biomass Briquettes Vs Fossil Fuels

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Information about Biomass Briquettes Vs Fossil Fuels

Published on March 5, 2014

Author: Deepi17


BIOMASS BRIQUETTES Vs FOSSIL FUELS : BIOMASS BRIQUETTES Vs FOSSIL FUELS INTRODUCTION: There’s a lot of talk about of fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, coal, lignite and whether they should be replaced by briquetting plant as the source of renewable energy- energy that won’t run out. Often, renewable energy sources are frequently considered to be less expensive and more efficient than fossil fuels. Let's look at some of the criticisms of briquetting plant. INTRODUCTION BIOMASS BRIQUETTING PLANT: BIO MASS BRIQUETTING PLANT Fossil fuels can generate more electricity than biomass briquetting plant but it generates lot of pollution which is harmful to the environment. So this is the main reason to avoid fossil fuels in one another way. Biomass briqueting plant is used to make best from waste material which we either destroyed or burnt. This is the best way to protect our mother nature with earning money. Biomass Briquettes Vs Fossil Fuels :  Biom ass Briquettes Vs Fossil Fuels Factors Biomass Briquettes Black Coal 1 Calorific value 3800-4000 5000-5500 2 Pollution No chemical Sulphur,Co2 , Phosphorous fumes 3 Ash Content 10 to 15 % 20 to 40% 4 Cost Rs. 4.5/kg Rs. 8.0/kg 5 Wastages 8 to 10 % 15 to 20 % 6 Moisture 8 % maximum 10 to 20% 7 Labour Usage Single person can handle Requires more than one person USE OF BIOMASS BRIQUETTES : USE OF BIOMASS BRIQUETTES Biomass briquetting plant is the best plant to generate revenue and protect the universe. All are wasted material are put into briquetting press India and generate briquettes which are completely Eco friendly and used in various industries. At present, biomass technology provides an alternative source of energy in rural area for cooking and heating. CONTINUE…: CONTINUE… It is particularly useful for village households that have their own cattle. Through a simple process cattle dung is used to produce a gas, which serves as fuel for cooking. The residual dung is used as manure.  BIOMASS BRIQUETTE PRESS: BIO MASS BRIQUETTE PRESS There is lot of biomass briquetting machine which is able to make biomass briquettes with less effort. It is the binder less technology and widely used for manufacturing briquetting press machines. Briquetting machine manufacturers have vast experience in this field so they can make various briquetting machinery as per demand and need of people. TOLL FREE NO:1800-300-21222:  TOLL FREE NO:1800-300-21222 RADHE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION Gondal Road, B/H Perfect auto service Survey No. 43, Plot No. 122-123, Vavdi , Rajkot, Gujarat, India For More Information: PowerPoint Presentation: tHANK yOU

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